Drinking, gossip and resentment: Check out what happened at the BBB21 party


In a peaceful atmosphere, another party took place at dawn on Sunday (14) at BBB21’s house. Although there was no fight, the brothers took the opportunity to talk about votes, eliminated and intimate life. Gilberto Nogueira was what caused the most during the night, starring hilarious scenes within confinement.

The fraternization started with a show by DJ Alok. After the presentation ended, the participants threw themselves on the track. It didn’t take long for Gilberto to start talking about the fear of going to the wall. In conversation with Fiuk, he alerted the musician. “I think we can go along,” he said.

After commenting on the hot seat, the economist was already drunk and started to tell Lumena Aleluia details of his intimate life. For Karol Conká, he shot: “I like to go crazy.” After lying down talking to the production, the participant decided to return to the dance floor and joined the other residents of the house.

While Gil was having fun, Karol Conká pulled the sack of the Pernambuco man in conversation with Rodolffo Matthaus. “Gil is the face of the BBB. He is intense, he speaks, he positions himself”, he praised.

During the chat, she demonstrated that she has not yet overcome Arcrebiano de Araújo’s departure. “Fuck me if it’s beautiful, if it’s pumped, that’s not what attracts me. I calmed his heart before he left,” she said, quoting the last conversation with the eliminated.

And speaking of former participants, Lucas Penteado, who dropped out of the reality show, was remembered during the night. At the beginning of the party, the actor was quoted by Gilberto. “I only think about Lucas, will I chip?”, He asked in conversation with Pocah. Later, Nego Di said that he intends to look for the artist for a conversation when he leaves the confinement.

Nego Di was also the subject of this Sunday’s issue. Camilla de Lucas called the comedian for a chat. The influencer revealed to be hurt after hearing a comment that her brother had made about her.

At another point in the house, Thaís Braz decided to clarify the situation with Fiuk. The dentist explained that she has no interest in forcing the bar to be with the singer. “I’m friendly, knowing you. I’m not waiting, I’m not [pensando]: ‘My God, I want to kiss’, “he said.

Near the end of the party, Projota, Lumena and Nego Di gathered in the room and talked about the game. “Only one person is not a target tomorrow. Anything can happen in the confessional,” she said, referring to the position of leader occupied by Karol. “I really don’t know who these people who don’t like us are going to choose,” countered the rapper.

Check out some moments of the party below:

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