Drunk, Lary sets up a shack after being pushed by Tarsus on vacation with his ex


Lary Bottino decided to assume the role of mother of the confined ones in De Férias with Ex Brasil: Celebs 2 and decreed the end of the night party. However, in this Thursday’s episode (15), the artists decided to continue with the enjoyment and criticized the veteran’s “wake” atmosphere, which left her completely irritated and generated a shack with Tarso Brant.

“Everyone was very excited after the party, and gave Laryssa five minutes,” said Maju Mazalli in a statement for the production of the reality show. Back in the evening, Lary started to expel the confinement colleagues from her room: “The game is over, go now! Tarsus, help us, everyone goes to their room. It’s over!”

“No, guys, stay at the wake in your room. It’s a fucking wake, ours [quarto] it’s a mess “, warned Taina Felipe, Tarso’s ex. The actor reinforced his criticisms and tried to close the door of the influencer’s room, which she did not like, and she immediately shouted:” I will close the door “.

Then Tarsus pushed Lary into the room, which triggered the confusion. “Don’t push me, damn it! Are you stupid? I’m going to close the door, I left my room! Little door off”, warned Lary screaming.

In the other room, Brant started to cry because of the confusion and asked to leave the reality show. He counted on the help of Day Camargo to pack his bags and, the next day, he woke up very introspective and firm in his decision.

The gossip spread throughout the house and reached Lary, who was not sorry for the actor in A Força do Querer: “I hope so,” endorsed Ariadna Arantes’ ex-friend.

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