Duda Reis curses Nego do Borel after receiving a criminal complaint: ‘Macho aggressor’


Duda Reis used social media to curse Nego do Borel this Thursday (22). According to the digital influencer, she received a criminal complaint from her ex-boyfriend asking for her conviction of 31 crimes. “Aggressor male,” wrote the young woman.

“And once again, the aggressor trying to silence the victim. Until when, Brazilian justice?”, Duda began. “Thirty-one accusations of the aggressor himself towards the victim who denounced him… A shame and a disservice! Humiliating after denouncing the same things with several ex-partners, receiving this. Exhausted”, he added.

In January this year, the actress filed a police report against the singer. She accused the ex of vulnerable rape, bodily harm, domestic violence, injury and threat.

Duda continued her outburst on social networks: “Being denounced by the aggressor, just for… speaking”. Next, the actress shared prints by columnist Alessandro Lo-Bianco, from the IG portal, who published about the case this Wednesday (21).

“For those who do not understand what is happening: male aggressor trying to silence the woman victim of domestic violence”, concluded Bruno Rudge’s girlfriend.

Izabella Borges, Duda’s lawyer, also resorted to social media to comment on the episode. “The truth is that this criminal complaint attempts to make a defendant of a victim of domestic violence a serious offense against their constitutional right to freedom of expression.”

The actress’ representative mentioned the fact that Nego do Borel was indicted by the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro for the crime of bodily harm against his ex-girlfriend, Swellen Sauer. “Duda’s case is a little different from that of the other victim, because she also narrates other crimes, such as sexual and psychological violence”, he compared.

Wanted by TV news, the funkeiro lawyer said she would comment on the matter this Friday (22).

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