Durable Elegance: Lacoste Releases Transparency Report


with a polo shirt Lacoste sold every 7 seconds around the world, the French brand launches Social impact e sustainability to 2025 through its first transparency report.

Under the concept of “Durable Elegance”, the brand intends to highlight the practices of textile sector and rethinking the industry, its impacts and the role of Lacoste in improving the impacts arising from the sector, which annually produces 100 billion items, almost twice as much as twenty years ago. With six factories around the world and more than 1,100 stores, 8 commitments were determined for up to 2025, which are already underway.

The brand’s agenda includes 1,000 Lacoste employees to help vulnerable young people and 10,000 vulnerable people to be accompanied in their social or professional insertions.

Within the production chain, 100% of the cotton fiber will be produced by suppliers classified as “Silver” or higher, 100% of textile manufacturing partners will be classified as “Silver” or higher, 50 co-financed initiatives that benefit local communities linked to the chain, 15% less environmental impact per product sold, double the useful life of polo shirts and second life for all textile waste and unsold products.