Dynamic surprise and betrayal mark Power Couple Brasil’s DR formation


The DR formation of Power Couple Brasil 5 was marked by strong emotions. Right at the beginning of the live edition this Wednesday (30), Adriane Galisteu informed that the public would vote for the “soaps” participants and for those who are most positioned, taking into account the last game of discord. In addition, Fábio Castro and Daniele Hypolito decided to vote for Renata Dominguez and Leandro Gléria, their allies in the house. The situation yielded a “climate pie” among couples.

The night started lively on the reality show on Record. Surprisingly, the participants were submitted to a popular vote. Dany and Fábio were named as the “soaps” for fleeing from friction during last Sunday’s game of contention (27). As punishment for receiving 87.98% of the votes, they will not be able to participate in the next party on the program.

Mari Matarazzo and Matheus Yurley hit it off. The couple of influencers received the title of “well positioned” with 73.18% support from viewers of the attraction. With that, they will have the right to a dinner and will be able to take another couple to enjoy the banquet.

Live betrayal

With no shacks and zero conflicts, the vote was nearing its end when Dany and Fábio were summoned by Galisteu to vote. Stuttering, Fábio fumbled when announcing his vote for Renata and Leandro.

“Today I’m really nervous. They’re dear people. It’s really hard, but I’ll try to be coherent with everything that’s going on. I never imagined I would vote for this couple. If they said in the first or second week that we would go vote for them at some point, I would say ‘lie, lie’. We start walking in the game and, sometimes, people walk to get closer to other people, not that they stop being close to us”, began the dancer .

“If the couple wants to talk to us afterwards, we’ll always be open. It’s very complicated to vote for Re and Le, they’re dear people. Very difficult,” added Fábio.

After the end of her husband’s speech, Dany lowered her head and appeared to be disconcerted by the situation. Renata, who had not expected the betrayal, showed surprise at the announcement.

“I’m very surprised, very surprised. Even because Dany and Fábio are totally open to say anything. I don’t know what to say, no. Let’s go ahead,” replied the actress.

With the majority of votes and without the support of the special powers of Georgia Fröhlich and Thiago Bertoldo, Renata and Leandro joined Deborah Albuquerque and Bruno Salomão, and Nina Cachoeira and Filipe Duarte in the dispute to stay in the game.

Check out the best moments of this Wednesday’s edition:

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