Earthquake in Mexico destroys hotel facade in Acapulco that appears in ‘Chaves’ – Prime Time Zone


The front of the place that was the setting for the show collapsed and hit the cars that were parked

Earthquake hit Acapulco hotel made famous by appearing in ‘Chaves’

O earthquake from 7.1 degrees on the Richter Scale that reached the Mexico this week destroyed the facade of the building that was known for appearing in special episodes of the series “Keys”, which in Brazil were shown by SBT. The coverage of Hotel Emporio, where the iconic scenes where the characters go on vacation in Acapulco, ended up collapsing and damaging the cars that were in the place. As disclosed by Lights of the century, the damage that the earthquake caused to the hotel was considerable. The episodes of “Chaves” in Acapulco were recorded more than 40 years ago and, during this period, the place underwent renovations and was no longer called Continental, however some environments remain the same.

In addition to hitting the famous hotel, the earthquake caused other damage in different parts of Mexico. On Tuesday night, around 1.6 million people were left without electricity and a 19-year-old man died. The epicenter of the tremors happened 4 kilometers from the cities of Los Órganos and San Agustín. A tsunami warning was even issued in the Acapulco resort area, but minutes later it was suspended. In Mexico City, the subway system had to be shut down for a security inspection. The value of the structural damage caused by the earthquake to the municipalities is still unknown. The president Andrés Manuel made a statement on Tuesday, 7th, seeking to calm the population and said that greater damage had been discarded in the regions of Guerrero, Morelos, Mexico City, Oaxaca and Puebla.