Effect Under Pressure: Drica Moraes pierces blister and exchanges white doctors for black doctors


During the recording of Sob Pressure, Drica Moraes realized that all her doctors were white, unlike what happens in the series, which has two black specialists in the new season. The actress then decided to pierce this bubble. “Being a mother of a black child, I decided to change all my doctors. I called everyone and said ‘bye’. I just didn’t change the oncologist because I really owe my life to him,” says the actress.

The lineup of the medical series touched the interpreter, who saw in her colleagues and at work an awareness she hadn’t had before. The artist was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and had to receive a bone marrow transplant. So she says she owes her life to her oncologist.

“Dentists, orthodontists, dermatologists, allergists and professors: they have to be black. The world has opened up for me to people who have been there for years without access, without the veil of discovery being unveiled. What am I doing here? Why? that I don’t go after my representation? It was a very cool move. [profissional] Good. I went after it and, when you go after Brazil, you find it”, encourages the actress.

Cora’s interpreter in Império (2014) plays the doctor Vera in the drama. Actors David Junior and Marcelo Batista play neurosurgeon Mauro and anesthesiologist Gustavo, respectively. It was through her two co-workers that she started this “movement” that she very much wants to proliferate.

Drica makes a point of saying that her “tough doctor” has nothing to do with the “snake” that the public was seeing her bring to life until this week in Aguinaldo Silva’s plot. In the telenovela rerun in prime time, now Cora is played by Marjorie Estiano because the villain “rejuvenated” — the change of actresses in the plot was due to the veteran’s leave to treat health problems at the time the serial was being recorded .

The two interpreters of the shrew have been co-workers in a hospital since the third season of Under Pressure. Drica did not participate in Duty Covid (a special with two episodes recorded and aired last year), but she ran the fourth season with the pandemic going on and says she felt safer in the studios than at home, due to the protocols adopted by Globo. The premiere of the new episodes takes place on the 12th, after the showing of the nine o’clock soap opera.

full of breath

Drica Moraes and the entire cast will return to the studios soon. The fifth season is confirmed and will be recorded later this year. The end of Under Pressure was even announced at the release of the third batch of episodes. However, Globo has changed its mind, and the entire team is very excited for the production to have a long life.

In the fourth season, Décio (Bruno Garcia), Evandro (Julio Andrade), Carolina (Marjorie Estiano), Charles (Pablo Sanábio), Vera, Mauro, Gustavo, Keiko (Julia Shimura) and Rosa (Josie Antelo) join the team from Edith de Magalhães, the largest hospital in Rio de Janeiro, a reference in the city.

Although the pandemic is still a reality, it is sidelined in the new season. Characters do not handle cases related to Covid-19. What can be expected are many strong scenes, based on real and cruel situations that take place in the public medical emergency.