Eliminated from No Limite 5, Carol Peixinho detonates Jessica for treason: ‘Caught rancid’


Eliminated from No Limite 5 on Tuesday’s show (13), Carol Peixinho detonated Jessica Mueller’s vote in Kaysar Dadour the week before. Participating in the Meeting with Fátima Bernardes this Wednesday morning (14), the Bahian woman did not spare the blonde. “I got rancid,” she said.

“Carcará was firm and strong. We had Jessica’s vote in Kaysar, there she broke the Calangos’ legs,” said the former BBC, who chose the rancid sign for Jessica as part of the morning program. “I got rancid because of her breaking the union of Calango,” he said.

“We left our camp honoring [a equipe]. We knew we would have to play solo, but in a game like this, you need allies,” Carol explained. “We looked at each other and said: ‘let’s go together,’ we needed this,” she reported.

The eliminated of the week also confessed that the relationship with Paula Amorim was not the best. “When the tribes came together, I think she felt I was a strong person. I wouldn’t say the saint didn’t hit, but there was a barrier,” she shared.

“she didn’t forgive [meu voto]. Afterwards, she voted for me, changed lead doesn’t hurt, it’s okay,” assured Peixinho. The BBB19 participant left an open fan base for André Martinelli and took the opportunity to snipe Jessica’s betrayal once more. “Calango always,” she said.

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