Empire: José Alfredo is hurriedly rescued after having sex with Maria Marta


José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) will be rescued after falling into the arms of Maria Marta (Lilia Cabral) in Império. Drunk, the commander of the nine o’clock soap opera will have sex with the woman believing that he is with Maria Isis (Marina Ruy Barbosa). He will notice the stupid thing he will have done the next day, and the couple will have an ugly fight. To make matters worse, the veteran will suffer a sudden illness.

Maria Clara’s father (Andréia Horta) will almost die in this Friday’s chapter (7). He and Silviano’s boss (Othon Bastos) will have a torrid night of sex after the veteran overdoes it. Confused, the businessman will call his children’s mother “my sweet child” – the affectionate nickname he calls the red-haired lover.

The next morning, Eliane’s ex-lover (Malu Galli) will find out what she really did and will have an ugly fight with Lilia Cabral’s character. The socialite is said to have had sex with her husband in the knowledge that he was hallucinating.

Danielle’s father-in-law (Maria Ribeiro) will then begin to feel unwell. Soon after leaving his room, José Alfredo will fall hard in the middle of the corridor, and Maria Clara will follow the confusion. Afraid that her father has died, the girl will scream for help. The veteran will be taken to the hospital in an ambulance.

Commander has good health

Moments later, the public will notice that the entrepreneur is doing well. “Does she at least know that I survived this one more?”, The Commander will ask his children, referring to Maria Marta.

“You know, because as soon as you were out of danger, we called home and told you,” will clarify Enrico’s bride (Joaquim Lopes), relieved. “She was sleeping, father. Silviano said that she took a strong tranquilizer after your quiproquó”, will complete José Pedro (Caio Blat).

“[Ela] You will hate to know the news, you will say that a bad vase doesn’t break… This is Marta’s plague “, comments Maria Isis’s lover, irritated by the cardboard of the dondoca the night before. The character played by Andréia Horta will not like it and will alert the father. “Daughter, there’s no use putting warm cloths … Your mother wants to see me from behind. But, now it’s over, I have more important things to do “, the millionaire will admit.

Império (2014) won a “special edition” to plug the hole left after the final stretch of Amor de Mãe during prime time at Globo. Um Lugar ao Sol, the next unpublished soap opera at 9pm, was postponed to debut in the second half of this year.

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