Empire: Maria Isis chases Magnolia and brings out her worst enemy; understand


Character by Marina Ruy Barbosa, Maria Isis will shoo her parents out of her house because she can no longer stand being exploited by the duo of “legged back” in Império. She will ask Magnolia (Zezé Polessa) and Severo (Tato Gabus Mendes) to get a job instead of treating her as a breadwinner. “There won’t be a penny coming out of here”, the redhead will shoot in the 9:00 pm soap opera on Globo.

The enough that the young woman will give to her mother’s good life will be enough for Magnolia to become her daughter’s worst enemy. The woman will make her cry a lot when she takes her revenge. She will invent for José Alfredo (Alexandre Nero) that the nymphet was pregnant with João Lucas (Daniel Rocha), his youngest, but lost the baby.

The clueless woman will still get a lot of money from the “man in black” by threatening to tell the story to Téo Pereira (Paulo Betti). At this point, the Commander will be embroiled in a scandal, as the blogger will have published a story about his past in smuggling precious stones.

The report will make life hell for the Medeiros family, as it will feature the leak of an extremely compromising recording made by Danielle (Maria Ribeiro).

mother shrew

In next Tuesday’s chapter (27), Maria Isis will appear on the scene leaving for work. She will come face to face with her parents at the door of her apartment and will blurt out with a lot of irony:

What do you want, I know, of course, obvious. They came here today and were caught in the act by the commander… Then they thought he dropped some R$50, R$100 bills… They came to clean up. By the way, what you really needed was to get a job, work.

Magnolia will not like the tone used by the heiress and will pretend to be sick. Severo will say that he already worked hard to raise the two children, and the woman will pretend that she has “problem in the bedroom”. The receptionist at Cláudio’s sophisticated restaurant (José Mayer), then, will play fair with her parents and put a stop to the situation in which she has been living for years.

Enough, you can take your horse out of the rain. The fountain has dried up. I can no longer be exploited by you who treat me not as a daughter, but as a source of income, a kind of dairy cow. I’m tired of being a breadwinner for people like that, who are healthy, who spend the day watching TV or on the beach.

She will go on to say that her lover has a horror of them both and that she has made a decision to put an end to the exploitation once and for all. “Unnatural daughter,” will snarl the roguish mother, who will be kicked out of her daughter’s house at the same time.

Império (2014) won a “special edition” to fill the hole left after the end of Amor de Mãe on Globo’s prime time. The unprecedented Um Lugar ao Sol, the next new soap opera at 9 pm, was postponed to premiere in the second half of this year.

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