Empire: Next Chapter Summary, Thursday, October 14th


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the rerun of Império, Globo’s nine o’clock soap opera, which airs this Thursday (14):

Ishmael and Lorraine talk about Silviano. José Alfredo suspects that the person who tried to kill him was Fabrício Melgaço. Danielle questions Maurílio about what he did at Carnival and he gets angry. Enrico helps Claudio. Noely insinuates herself to Robertão. Lorraine calls Erika.

José Alfredo asks Maria Marta for a favor. Carmen calls Jonas. Maria Marta talks to Maria Clara and João Lucas about José Pedro. Vicente goes to the hospital to find out about Cora. Lorraine goes to Silviano’s house. Cora mumbles a few words in the hospital.

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