Empire: Next Chapter Summary, Wednesday, July 14


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the rerun of Império, a soap opera on the 9th of Globo, which airs this Wednesday (14):

Cora asks Cristina to take her to the meeting room and overhears Maria Marta talking to Silviano about the pink diamond. José Alfredo, Maria Marta and Cora look for the diamond.

Claudio praises the work of Maria Isis. Leonardo arrives home sloppy. Cardoso provokes Antoninho. Erika tells Robertão that Téo will meet a mysterious informant. Cristina tells the brothers about the pink diamond. Cora approaches Lorraine and tries to find out information about the gemstone.

Ismael, Josué and José Alfredo arrive in Santa Teresa. Claudio discovers that Leonardo is depressed. Antoninho asks Cardoso to be arrested. The diamond falls through a window and José Alfredo tries to rescue his talisman.

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