End of A Vida da Gente: See who gets who in the last chapters


O end of A Vida da Gente (2011), on the air next week, will present how the journeys of several families in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera end. In the last scenes the love triangles will be resolved, unusual couples will emerge and the children will know which homes they will live in.

The last chapter of the serial will begin with the result of the liver transplant between Manuela (Marjorie Estiano) and Júlia (Jesuela Moro). The cook will have complications in the surgery and will almost die. This event will not only impact her, but will be the key to the outcome of Rodrigo (Rafael Cardoso), Ana (Fernanda Vasconcellos) and even Lúcio (Thiago Lacerda).

Celina (Leona Cavalli), Lourenço (Leonardo Medeiros), Renato (Luiz Carlos Vasconcellos) and Nanda (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) will be other characters whose lives will change a lot during the last scenes. Remind who stays with whom at the end of A Vida da Gente:

Rodrigo will stay with Manuela

Rodrigo will decide which of Eva’s daughters (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) will stay only in the last chapter. Julia’s father will run after the character of Marjorie Estiano after seeing up close the possibility of losing her.

Rafael Cardoso’s character will then write a farewell letter to Ana and will leave to meet Manuela. The girl, in turn, will have broken up with Gabriel (Eriberto Leão). At the end of the chapter, it will be possible to see that harmony reigned, as Julia’s three parents will be together.

Ana will stay with Lucius

After the ups and downs of Ana’s love life, the young lady will settle with Lucius at the end of the novel. The doctor is the one who will take care of your daughter, Julia, when she has liver disease. The scenes of the couple in love will only air in the last minute of the soap opera.

Eve will be without her daughters

Ana and Manuela’s mother will end up being “disinherited” by the heiresses. Throughout the plot, the character of Ana Beatriz Nogueira made the life of her cooking daughter hell, by despising and belittling her.

Eve will end up rejected and alone

Even being preferred by her mother, the character of Fernanda Vasconcellos will also end up with resentments towards Eva, and will resume a happy relationship with her sister. Therefore, in the last chapter of A Vida da Gente, Ana and Manu will tell Iná (Nicette Bruno) that they consider her the real mother.

Suzana will stay with Cicero

Alice’s search for her birth family caused her adoptive parents trouble. Suzana (Daniela Escobar) had her marriage to Cicero (Marcello Airoldi) shaken by an affair with her daughter’s father, Renato.

However, in the last chapter, the novel will show that the long-term relationship was stronger. When saying goodbye to Alice, Cicero will comment that the ties with Suzana were maintained.

Renato will have a new life

Renato’s life has changed since Alice sought to reconnect with her family of origin. The photographer started the plot as an alcoholic, got involved with a married woman, but it will have a happy ending.

In the last chapter of A Vida da Gente, Alice’s biological father will appear happy in his profession, taking pictures of his daughter with her sisters. In the final scenes, he will still be accompanied by a new woman and a baby carriage.

Alice will stay with João and a bigger family

Alice’s entire quest to find her biological family will not be in vain. At the end of Alice in A Vida da Gente, the girl will be close to her father Renato and her sisters, Sofia (Alice Wegmann) and Barbara (Pietra Pan).

Despite having witnessed disagreements between her adoptive parents, Ana’s friend will also see Cicero and Suzana end up well. As far as her own love relationship is concerned, she will date John (Klebber Toledo), psychologist and his tutor at college.

Celina will stay with Lourenço

In the last chapter of the novel, Celina will give birth to a baby that he will create together with Lourenço, even though he is the result of a temporary relationship with another man. Nothing traditional, the family will still have Tiago (Kaic Crescente), who is the biological son of the doctor’s husband, but who had been growing up without him.

Cris will have an old job

Cris (Regiane Alves) will be chased away by Jonas (Paulo Betti) after being caught kissing with Matias (Marcello Melo Jr.). Therefore, the van will lose everything it has and will hand over its son, Tiago, to his biological father. Back to life without luxuries, the personal trainer will return to employment at the academy.

Jonas will be with Angela

Faced with a betrayal, Rodrigo and Nanda’s father (Maria Eduarda de Carvalho) will end his relationship with Cris. Jonas will appear to have learned the message and will seek out a woman his own age to relate to. In the final scenes of the novel, the Paulo Betti’s character will appear with Angela (Sylvia Massari), who will live with.

Nanda will stay with Francisco

The character of Maria Eduarda de Carvalho had to start over after losing Lui, who had a heart attack and died. She tried to get away from Francisco (Victor Navega Motta), but regretted it.

At the end of A Vida da Gente, Nanda will take custody of the boy, and gives indications that he will also have a new love. In the last scenes of the soap opera, the redhead tries to sell Lui’s piano to her neighbor, who is invited by Francisco for dinner. The three will then appear seated at the table, well mingled.

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