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End of Family Ties: Cínthia has a breathtaking farewell with Pedro


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Deciding to leave the farm to live on a farm he will have bought, Pedro (José Mayer) will be sought by Cínthia (Helena Ranaldi) in Laços de Família. The vet will end up kissing the cowboy in the soap opera shown in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

Pedro will resign to Alma (Marieta Severo) in scenes that will air this Thursday (1st), in the penultimate chapter of the plot. Upon learning of the news, Cínthia will go after him for a farewell conversation.

She will meet the administrator in a space in the farm full of coconut trees. The veterinarian will warn that she will take his place in the administration of the place, and Pedro will talk about their relationship. “Why don’t we both work out, huh?”, Asks the man.

Cínthia will look doubtful. “We are both very independent. We do not give, we do not exchange, we do not sell this independence for anything in this world,” said the brunette. Pedro will agree with a nod and will continue to hear her words.

“You are free and you want to remain. Any stable union will end up bothering you after a while. You will always want to go out one day to buy some horses and come back the next day, or a year later … What a woman that will you take it? “, Cínthia will ask, remembering what he did to Helena (Vera Fischer) when they were both young.

Pedro and Cínthia in Family Ties scene

Without shut up

“I’m just like you. So I don’t think it worked out with Alex [Daniel Boaventura], with Romeu [Paulo Zulu] and so many boyfriends that I had in college. I’m not in the mood to transform myself into a domestic utensil “, the veterinarian will release.

“A woman who keeps silent about her problems to avoid problems. On the contrary, I am a woman of creating problems, and I don’t leave anything for the next day,” said the character of Helena Ranaldi.

“You don’t, you want a woman who sets and removes the table for you, who is willing to spread her legs at the first sign, it could be in the bedroom, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the stables”, the brunette will detail.

Pedro will be amazed and will also say what he feels. “But no one, no woman in my entire life, has touched me as you have. And it still does,” he will shoot, seductively. Cínthia will say that the same thing happened to her.

Pedro will then lean the woman against a coconut tree and give her a breathtaking kiss. The vet will forcefully open the pawn’s shirt, and the two will stop on the lawn, where they will strip each other’s clothes and say goodbye.

Family Ties showcases its latest chapters this week. Ti Ti Ti (2010) already divides the time with the final stretch of the plot by Manoel Carlos and, starting next Monday (5), the booklet will go on alone in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

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