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End of the journey! Lumena Hallelujah ‘milita wrong’ and is eliminated from BBB21


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On Tuesday night (2), Lumena Aleluia took the worst and was eliminated from Big Brother Brasil 21. The psychologist left the game with 61.31% of the votes in a dispute against Arthur Picoli and Projota. After “wrong military” and allying with the “hate office”, led by Karol Conká, the Bahian woman won the public’s dislike, ending her chances of winning the millionaire prize.

The wall of the time gained the definition of “whatever” on social networks, since most viewers would like to be able to eliminate the three participants at once. As it was not possible, Projota was the second favorite to leave the house, receiving 37.07% of the votes. Arthur had only 1.62%. Globo counted 97,050,122 votes on this wall.


When she entered BBB21, Lumena appeared to have a star that would take her to a grand finale. The Bahian woman was one of those chosen to gain public immunity in the first week of the program. At that moment, she was confined to an extra house next to Arthur, Fiuk, Juliette Freire, Projota and Viih Tube.

The darlings of the public, however, let the opportunity fall to the ground when they entered the real confinement alongside the other residents.

In the case of Lumena, the sister starred in one of her first confusions on the reality show when she complained about a joke that had been spearheaded by Caio Afiune, who proposed a make-up show made by the men of the house during an advertising campaign for a cosmetics brand.

The Bahian did not like the attitude of the brothers, isolated and cried after what happened. She explained that she had not been amused at the moment of relaxation, as she was not pleased to see men acting according to stereotypes of women and transvestites.

In social networks, some Internet users were uncomfortable with the sister’s attitude. But, on the other hand, many people understood his position.

After a while of the program, Lumena began to dig his own grave. After allying with Karol Conká, Nego Di and Projota, the participant began to humiliate others confined. Lucas Penteado was one of the psychologist’s victims.

After embarrassing a party, the actor began to be chased by the less than fantastic quartet. Several times, the Bahian woman pointed her finger at the participant’s face, pressed him on racial issues and even starred in a biphobia episode when he saw Lucas kissing Gilberto Nogueira.

The former Malhação ended up giving up on reality after suffering humiliations. Without one of his targets, Lumena took aim at Carla Diaz. She constantly complained about the actress’s insistence on approaching her, and even said she was bothered by the fact that the artist was a privileged white woman.

“I don’t like this faded, melanin-free thing,” she said of Carla during one of her conversations with Karol.

In a Game of Discord, Lumena made clear her dissatisfaction at having to live with Carine’s interpreter in A Força do Querer. “I Think [o BBB] it is a game of surrender in all senses and, unfortunately, on my journey with her, so far, I cannot identify in my itineraries with her a sincere surrender, especially in relation to producing affection “, she complained in another of her speeches nothing accessible for those who follow the reality.

Viih Tube also became Lumena’s target in the house. After defending Carla in the jealousy scene involving Arcrebiano de Araújo and Karol, the youtuber was harshly criticized for choosing the actress’s side. The psychologist even pointed out that Arthur Picoli’s influencer and fictionalist intended to label Conká as an aggressive woman because she was black.

Carla and Viih were one of the sisters who showed the most difficulties in talking to Lumena during the edition. The two assumed, on several occasions, that they were afraid of being called racists for not agreeing with statements made by the psychologist.

The way Lumena used to military over any subject, using somewhat exaggerated words for an entertainment program, ended up collaborating for its elimination.

Before leaving the program, the eliminated had assumed a softer speech. Upon realizing that her allies were in the public eye, the Bahian woman approached Gilberto and Sarah Andrade, favorite participants in the award. Last Monday (1st), she even went so far as to discourage the intention of using BBB21 as a militancy space. “I didn’t come to talk about racism,” he said.

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