End of the world? Watch five movies about war between humans and extraterrestrials


The fate of Earth has been jeopardized several times in the movies when alien races appear in an unfriendly atmosphere. The end of the world is a frequent theme in science fiction with stories of different types. The options have in common the fact that war between humans and extraterrestrials with more advanced technology is the only way to decide the future of the planet.

Prime Video added another title in genre attractions with The War of Tomorrow, which premiered on streaming on Friday (2). Actor Chris Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy) plays the hero of the moment, who will have to travel to the future to try to save the world in a reality that is not his own.

A lot of action is involved in this type of production, with visual effects galore being essential for creating battles and shaping enemies from outer space. There are more serious stories, bland adventures and even comedies that make fun of the genre.

O TV news lists five films that show interplanetary struggles between humans and extraterrestrials for the survival of humanity and the existence of Earth.

  • Tomorrow’s War: The arrival of time travelers with the summons of men and women to help humanity in the fight against extraterrestrial beings marks the story of The War of Tomorrow. The newest copy of this type of film is a mix of action and science fiction.

    In the plot, Dan (Chris Pratt) is a high school teacher and family man who spends time with his daughter when an unexpected event changes the course of the Earth. A group of people from 2051 explain that humans are at war against a deadlier alien species, smarter, more agile and stronger.

    The hope of victory lies in having more individuals to help in the combat, so present-day soldiers and civilians will be brought to the futuristic battlefield. Dan needs to do what he can to save the world and get back home.

    Directed by Chris McKay (Lego Batman: The Movie) and the script is signed by Zach Dean (One Day to Live). The War of Tomorrow is available to Prime Video subscribers.


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  • Independence Day: One of the most remembered battles between humans and aliens is shown in the feature film Independence Day (1996). With US Independence Day in the background, history marked an epoch in the struggle for control of the Earth.

    The film presents an extraterrestrial invasion that develops slowly. Communication systems end up invaded, satellites in orbit are hacked, and the worldwide attack takes place in different parts of the world without any counterattack having any effect.

    After the first chaos, US President Thomas J. Whitmore (Bill Pullman) calls on all survivors who can fly a plane for one last attempt. Pilot Steven Hiller (Will Smith) and researcher David Levinson (Jeff Goldblum) are also betting on a plan in which it is necessary to infiltrate the ET mothership.

    Known for great destruction films, filmmaker Roland Emmerich (The Day After Tomorrow) leads the production. He also directed Independence Day: O Ressurgimento (2016), a sequel without much success. The original feature film can be found on on demand platforms.


filme no limite do amanha credito divulgacao warner bros grande End of the world? Watch five movies about war between humans and extraterrestrials

Bill Cage (Tom Cruise) in futuristic battle

  • At the Limit of Tomorrow: The confrontation with strange beings from another planet that invaded the Earth becomes even more bizarre when a connection with these creatures makes the protagonist relive the same day almost forever. This is the plot of No Limite do Amanhã (2014), with somewhat ingenious twists that draw attention.

    The focus of the story is on Bill Cage (Tom Cruise). He works as a public relations officer for the US Armed Forces and is obligated to help on the front lines of the battle in what is considered the final showdown. Even with special armor that gives him more speed and strength, the main character dies on the first encounter with the enemy.

    Inexplicably, he wakes up the moment he arrives at the headquarters to which he had been sent. Cage realizes that he relives the same day whenever he is killed. The contact with Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), who leads the squad, makes him begin to understand what happened to him and how this is fundamental to the victory of the humans.

    Directed by Doug Liman (Mr & Mrs Smith), and the plot is based on Hiroshi Sakurazaka’s All You Need Is Kill manga. The film is available in the Netflix catalog.


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Na’vi people are in the sights of humans

  • Avatar: Mixing genres in the same story, Avatar (2009) is an epic tale about the approach of humans and beings from another planet. Empathy for the unknown, cultural conflicts and large-scale confrontations move the plot.

    Jake (Sam Worthington) is a soldier who was paralyzed after a combat and was eventually selected to participate in the Avatar show. He travels to Pandora, an extraterrestrial moon inhabited by humanoids known as Na’vi, with blue skin and greater physical ability. The science project puts people’s minds in the body of an organic puppet.

    While Jake has the opportunity to walk again and discover a whole new universe, his information is vital if a war against the Na’vi is to be waged for control of valuable energy sources. The protagonist has to choose which side he will fight for.

    James Cameron (Titanic) directs the feature film and is at the forefront of a project conceived with four sequels to hit theaters over the next few years. The idea is that the alien world is presented in different ways. Avatar is part of the Disney+ catalogue.


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Aliens have fun in invasion of Earth

  • Mars Attacks !: Films that explore the confrontation between humans and aliens can also use comedy to get attention. Mars Attacks! (1996) bets on the jokes and style of the invaders in a scathing tone to show ETs strange, a little idiotic and dangerous.

    The bulging-eyed, apparent-brained Martians’ plan of attack only wants destruction as a source of amusement. After deceiving humanity with a false penchant for peace, they reveal that they intend to end everything and everyone, much to the dismay of the population.

    The satirical tone of the plot makes for a lot of cartoon characters, such as a tough US president, an incapable leader of the armed forces, an intellectual who believes he knows what’s really going on, and a hippie hippie who believes in help from space.

    The film is directed by Tim Burton and features the likes of Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Natalie Portman, Michael J. Fox and Pierce Brosnan. The comedy is in the HBO Max catalogue.