Entrance hall: charming and simple decoration for the house


We must treat the decoration of our property from its first environment, the hall. Decorators always say that the entrance hall is the true calling card of buildings, both residential and commercial.

One of the functions of the hall is to introduce everything that is to come. In other words, if your home already appears inviting, it is likely that people will be more comfortable to come in and visit you.

In these pandemic times, this transition has become even more important. Now, the entrance hall is a mandatory stop for everyone to leave those objects brought from the street, especially shoes.

This means that the decoration of this environment must meet not only the residents’ tastes and preferences, but also the new needs they may have. We will reflect on this and much more in the following text.

Which points in the entrance hall can receive more decoration elements?

Rosana Pintor e Maricy Marcos Borges Entrance hall: charming and simple decoration for the house Halls decorados.

Decorated Halls. (Viva Decora/Disclosure)

Imagine yourself, right now, opening the front door of a home. So see lots of colors, sparkles and textures. This visual impact caused by all the elements in the decor will make you decide which step to take next, step back or take more steps forward. In other words, the spatial treatment given to the property’s first environment can work as a selection of visitors.

But we want people to want to happily enter our homes, don’t we? However, they will only pass this point if they are allowed to do so, nothing blocking their path.

You need to keep this in mind when setting up your home’s entrance hall. Give preference, try to leave free this corridor of circulation that connects the entrance door with the next room – which will probably be the living room.

To put it better, in this strip of floor plan of the entrance hall, armchairs, pedestals with statuettes, potted plants, and nothing else can be found.