Eramos Carlos celebrates hospital discharge: ‘It wasn’t easy, but I won Covid’ – Prime Time Zone


Tremendão, who had taken the two doses of the vaccine, reinforced the importance of immunization: ‘When I have the third one, I will go’

Erasmo Carlos was discharged from hospital eight days after contracting Covid-19

The singer Erasmus Carlos posted a video this Tuesday, 7 on his social networks announcing his discharge from the hospital, eight days after being infected with the coronavirus. In the video, Erasmo thanks his medical team, the fans who sent prayers and positive messages, and the friends and family who were present. “Guys, I beat Covid! It wasn’t soft, no, it was difficult. I couldn’t do it alone. I did it with the help of my doctors, with the help of my relatives, my friends, my colleagues… With the help of my dear Fernanda [Passos], who contracted Covid with me. But we are together, cured”, said Tremendão, quoting his girlfriend.

The singer, who had already taken the two doses of the vaccine against the Covid-19, reinforced the importance of the drug. “I think it’s very important that I have been vaccinated twice. And when I have the third vaccination, I will. Because, oh… Head, brother! Long live common sense”, he celebrated. In the comments, musician Tico Santa Cruz celebrated: “Long live science, long live Erasmo”! Daniela Mercury, the band Jota Quest and fans from all over Brazil also made a point of showing their happiness for the singer. It was through the social network that Roberto Carlos’ ex-partner announced the contamination and asked for strength from his friends, on August 26th.

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