Erasmus declares war on Bil in The Farm 13: ‘Don’t Touch My Protein’


While listening to MC Gui gossip about Erika Schneider in A Fazenda 13, Arcrebiano de Araújo let slip that he saw Erasmo Viana being a sexist man several times in the program. Upon learning of this, Gabriela Pugliese’s ex-husband rebelled and threatened the ex-BBB. “It doesn’t even touch my protein anymore,” he fired.

“I’m pissed, I’m not even going to exchange ideas with him anymore. He’s trying to spread the machismo thing that I’ve already exchanged, I’ve already apologized, I’ve already talked. Why keep exposing me?”, the digital influencer fired. “All the time, bro,” prodded MC Gui.

Viana left the room and went to ask Arcrebiano. “You don’t have to say I was sexist, because I already solved it with Aline [Mineiro]”, he said, referring to the phrase of having to have “ball” to perform the task of the horn cow.

“Stop screaming,” asked the model. “I’m screaming because you don’t have to say that behind my back, expose me like that,” snapped Erasmus. “Oh, and I didn’t give you lots of touches, did I? About you talking bad about women? I just told him [MC Gui] I gave you a ring on that,” recalled Bil.

“He said you said I’m sexist,” said the fitness blogger. “Yeah, and he also said that Erika called all men sexist, and she’s saying now that she didn’t do that. Who’s lying?”, asked the ex-No Limite.

“But why say I’m sexist?” insisted Viana. “I didn’t speak with those words there, no,” the model defended. The two continued to argue and exchange accusations while Rico Melquiades and Solange Gomes hid to listen to the fight.

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