Ex-BBB Adriana Sant’Anna is with Covid: ‘Take the vaccine and wear a mask’


Digital influencer Adriana Sant’Anna tested positive for Covid-19. She stated that she had been experiencing symptoms since Thursday (29), but that she did not think she could be infected with the coronavirus. And he advised his nearly 5 million followers: “Get the vaccine and keep wearing the mask.”

“On Thursday night, I started to feel a lot of chills accompanied by an excruciating pain in my body. I remember walking up the stairs to my house upside down and moaning with so much pain in my back, bones and muscles,” she wrote in Instagram Stories.

With a fever of 38.6°C, she could barely sleep and imagined that she had a stronger flu. “It didn’t cross my mind [que seria Covid] because I took the vaccine, I had strong post-vaccine reactions and I thought that if I had Covid, I would have almost no symptoms,” recalled the ex-BBB.

The influencer’s husband, singer Rodrigo Simoni, bought two tests to take the test. “Soon after, I lost my taste, smell and started having headaches that you think you’re going to faint and my body not responding to the calls, because of so much pain. Well, I’m with Covid!”, Adrianna vented.

She then consulted online with doctors in the United States and isolated herself at home. “I feel great now. Yesterday I was unable to write, speak or reason. Today, I can say with certainty that despite all the symptoms, I am convinced that what saved me from something worse was the vaccine! I don’t have it! doubts!”

So she encouraged her followers to get vaccinated too. “I’m not here to be a mother or tell you what to do, but I need to register my advice so that you get the vaccine and that you keep wearing a mask. And here in the US I was free, because they didn’t require any more… As I said , I thought that the cases had already decreased, I thought that it would hardly catch and that if it did, I would have almost no symptoms. Illusion!”

“Take care of yourself! Thank God you didn’t have Covid, have no idea what this disgrace is. You don’t! Take care”, concluded Adrianna, who met Rodrigão at BBB11.