Ex-BBB escapes alligator attack on recording in Pantanal; watch – Young Pan


Fernanda Keulla said that who helped her was the singer Munhoz, who is paired with Mariano

Reproduction/YouTube/Hey ho!/09.09.2021Fernanda Keulla was on the riverbank when the alligator approached

the presenter Fernanda Keulla, who participated in the “BBB 13”, almost got bitten by a alligator during a recording in the Pantanal, in Mato Grosso do Sul. In a video posted on Instagram, she appears throwing food to the animals in a Food Safari, which mixes exotic routes with gastronomic tourism. “So far everything was fine! (laughs)”, wrote the ex-BBB. In another video posted on Fernanda’s travel channel on YouTube, she shows the moment when the alligator attacks and she manages to escape. The presenter was on the riverbank when the animal came out of the water towards her and, hearing the screams of people calling her name, Fernanda ran. The followers asked the presenter who helped her and she said it was the singer munhoz, who is partnered with the ex-Fazenda Mariano. “It helped me and laughed a lot at me”. The ex-BBB reassured fans that she is fine and that she will share details of what happened in a video for her channel. “Guys, I’m whole”, he emphasized.