Ex-BBB Gleici is accused of lying in court after performing nose procedure


BBB18 champion and No Limite 5 participant, Gleici Damasceno is suing Nayane de Souza Pacheco, whom he accuses of performing unsatisfactory cosmetic procedures on his face, and asks for compensation of R $ 80 thousand. But the dentist filed a challenge, in which she claims that the ex-BBB tells a lying story to the Justice in order to take the financial advantage of the professional, since she did not pay for the contracted services.

The fight started on March 2, when Gleici Damasceno participated in the program Encontro com Fátima Bernardes, on Globo, to comment on BBB21. At the time, the public noticed a transformation in the face of the famous woman, who had undergone a rhinoplasty (nose redesign surgery). She began to receive a large number of negative messages, many of them speculating why she changed her face.

Until then, Gleici had not spoken publicly about the surgical interventions he performed on his face. But she was forced to give the audience “satisfaction” because Nayane, on the same day that the ex-BBB was at the meeting, posted on social media a “before and after” of the millionaire, who had visited her clinic in late 2020 to perform a series of aesthetic procedures, including rhinomodeling and facial harmonization.

The digital influencer was irritated by having been exposed and decided to sue Nayane, asking for compensation of R $ 80,000 in moral damages. In her understanding, the dentist took advantage of her image to promote herself, in addition to causing embarrassment by making public the procedures to which she underwent. She also says that the patient’s confidentiality has been violated, an infringement of the profession’s code of ethics.

Nayane Pacheco is the dentist sued by ex-BBB Gleici Damasceno (Reproduction / Instagram)

In addition, the ex-BBB stated in the process that she was dissatisfied with the rhinomodeling done by Nayane, which brought her “psychological upheavals” because she no longer recognized herself when she saw herself in the mirror, and for that reason she later resorted to plastic surgeons to “correct” “the procedure, when he took the opportunity to perform a rhinoplasty.

The lawsuit was filed on March 16, but Gleici has already had two defeats. Judge Sidney da Silva Braga overturned requests for secrecy of justice and urgent protection. For the magistrate, there are no elements in the lawsuit that justify procedural secrecy, and he also did not see the need to force Nayane to delete from his profiles on social networks the publications in which he shows the “before and after” of the former BBB, indicating that that would be “prior censorship”.

Gleici lied?

In the face of the action, Nayane filed a challenge on May 7, in which he counters all of Gleici’s statements. The dentist says that the former BBB sought her out at the end of last year to perform cosmetic procedures for barter, a market practice in which influencers win services or products and “pay” by advertising professionals or brands on their profiles on the web.

As the agreement was verbal, they do not have a contract that states that the dentist would be prohibited from disclosing any work done with the former BBB. In the defense, exchanges of private messages were attached between the two, in which Gleici praises the procedures carried out by Nayane, which would overturn the dissatisfaction with services thesis.

The post that the ex-BBB made to announce the plastic surgery performed on the nose was also placed in full. In the text, she says that it was necessary to correct an earlier procedure, this carried out by Nayane, implying that there was an error.

Rhino-modeling, unlike rhinoplasty, is reversible. On account of the public accusation, the dentist asks Gleici to present an expert report containing a medical report pointing out the errors she says were made by Nayane.

Another point questioned by the dentist’s defense is the inexistence of the contracts that the lawyers of the participant of No Limite 5 promised to attach to the process, in which they say that their client earns around R $ 50 thousand per sponsored publication.

The appointment was made to question the claim for damages of R $ 80 thousand, since there is no evidence of how much Gleici invoices with advertising actions on his social networks. In addition, jurisprudence was presented in cases of medical errors, in which the victims were compensated at R $ 100 thousand, which would show that the amount demanded by the former BBB would have been stipulated only with the objective of profiting at Nayane’s expense.

“Nayane’s demonstrations were aimed, solely and exclusively, at the exercise of her rights of defense and response, especially in the face of the unjust aggression caused by Mrs. Gleiciane on her social networks. Regarding the procedural issues, we understand that our client’s right is robustly demonstrated in the case file, which will be recognized by the Justice “, said Thiago Spinola, lawyer of the dentist, to the TV News.

The report sought the defense of Gleici Damasceno, who did not want to speak “due to the seriousness of the facts now judicialized”.

Check out Nayane’s post that motivated the process: