EX-BBB João Luiz is chased by a fan on the road and passes by


Former BBC João Luiz went through a trouble caused by a fan this Wednesday (2). The ex-brother’s fiance, Igor Moreira, reported on Twitter that the pair were chased by an admirer on a busy highway. The scare happened when the couple was returning from Minas Gerais to São Paulo.

“João and I were driving back to São Paulo, and in the middle of Dutra a woman recognized João, rolled down the window, and the person who was driving tried to stay at the same speed as me to try to take a picture of João. At Dutra, 100 km/h”, said Igor, in this Thursday’s post (3).

Despite the scare, no accidents happened with the ex-BBB or the vehicle. But the professor warned his followers: “My message is: don’t do this for God’s sake.”

In the tweet responses, Igor gave more details about the situation. He explained that the fan couple failed to register at high speed. “And the photo was going to be all shaken”, completed João’s fiance.

Check out the post:

Igor and João Luiz in a new home in São Paulo

New directions

The couple decided to move to São Paulo right after the end of Big Brother Brasil 21. Previously, they lived in Extrema, in the interior of Minas Gerais, but opted for São Paulo because of the ex-brother’s new advertising work.

Since he was eliminated in the tenth week of the reality show, João Luiz signed a contract with an office to organize his career. This week, he was announced as the presenter of the program Trace Trends, on Globoplay.

The teacher will be the head of the EducAção board, which will show stories, projects and ideas made by young people from the periphery that involve the areas of Science and Education.