Ex-BBB rejects A Fazenda 13 and exposes Record’s scheme to pump audiences


Quoted to be one of the pieces of A Fazenda 13, Angelica Ramos rejected Record’s invitation. The reason? The participant of Big Brother Brasil 15 and No Limite 5, both from Globo, claims that the station wanted her as a pawn as long as she incorporated a profile of a barraqueira. In this way, it would increase the audience of the reality.

“The information that came to me through my advisor was this. What he gave me was that they looked for me, yes. We were going to schedule the interview and everything else. But there was the initial chat. [entre a Record e sua assessoria] to say what they wanted, and what they told me was that they really wanted me in A Fazenda 13. However, they really wanted a shack. They wanted to guarantee that there would be a shack, confusion and a finger in the face”, he tells the TV news.

Angelica, who lives in Chievrès, Belgium, did not accept the proposal to produce the reality show. In 2015, when he participated in Big Brother Brasil, his reputation as a shack stuck. Something she regrets to this day.

“I declined. For me, it’s not what I want. Anyone who comes looking for me for a reality show already wanting to fit me into this proposal, forget it. You can pay R$ 1 million [de cachê]. I’m out,” continues the 40-year-old digital influencer.

Recently, when she accepted to join the No Limite 5 team, Angelica managed to get rid of the image that saddens her. Globo’s reality show generated a positive balance in her life: she started the season very dear to the public.

“I was very clear with my advisor when I left No Limite. I informed them that I don’t want people to start putting the black woman in this situation. This is something that was never mine. I took the title of tent at the BBB for nothing “, remembers.

“If you take a stand, being a black woman, you have no personality, you are a shack! Unlike other participants who actually made a shack, pointed fingers in the face of others, humiliated them and left unscathed”, she recalls.

Supported by Tati Quebra Barraco

Outside of A Fazenda 13, Angelica is limited to rooting for her artistic classmates who have been confirmed. Bil Araújo, participant of Big Brother Brasil 21 and his colleague in the cast of No Limite 5, has your affection. But she wants another famous one to take the R$1.5 million prize.

“Bil is a darling. I love him enormously. He’s my second place. He can be runner-up. I think it’s great that he participated in three realities in nine months (laughs). However, my fans are from Tati Quebra Barraco. And I really hope that she doesn’t buy into the idea that was proposed to me: to build a shack and stick her finger in her face,” he analyzes.

“She’s there to represent thousands of women — just like me, black women — who no longer need to stay inside this rotten zone that puts women in a bad situation. I really hope she doesn’t let me down. She is. a person with whom I identify because of the fight, personality and proactivity”, he concludes.

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