Ex-Raul Gil, singer denounces racism after being stopped in a shopping center in SP


Participant in the Women Who Shine competition of the Raul Gil Program at SBT in 2013, singer Thamires Rosa accused security guards at Santana Parque Shopping, in São Paulo, of racism after being barred at the door of the establishment. The artist denounced the case on social networks and gave details to the TV news.

According to the composer –who is black–, on the morning of September 13, she was on her way to a post office, which is next to the mall, to send a package. However, she decided to go to an ATM inside Santana Parque Shopping to deposit money first.

“When security approached me, she was following me with her eyes until she got in front of me and prevented me from entering. And then when she opened her mouth to speak, she just stated that I was there to make a delivery and asked which one I went to the store. And I was shaken at the time, even more alone,” reported Thamires.

“Going through a situation like this is embarrassing. I said I was a client and she just replied: ‘Oh, ok’. She never explained, saying it was a procedure, anything. When I went in and looked for the SAC [Serviço de Atendimento ao Consumidor] from the mall, I spoke to the attendant, I filed a complaint, which they didn’t register,” he said.

“And the supervisor of the security guards even said that the employee may have mistaken me for a delivery person because my box was written Mercado Livre. It’s something that doesn’t even check, because the people at Mercado Livre are always in uniform and once again I was judged by my appearance , right. I left there nervous, my heart was pounding, I even felt short of breath,” she lamented.

“It’s a situation that embarrasses us. It could have happened differently. When I left there, I posted my video on the internet. I waited for a positioning by the mall that didn’t happen. It only came after the [site] Alma Preta Jornalismo publicized the case,” she explained.

For the therapist, the embarrassment could have been avoided if only the security guard had introduced himself politely before approaching her. “There was no empathy at all. I felt very humiliated because I was not treated with respect,” he argued.

Despite the setback, Thamires was able to enter the mall and make his bank deposit.

Thamires registered an electronic police report and said that he would appear at a police station this Wednesday (22) in the company of a lawyer to give a statement and formalize his complaint of racism.

The report sought out the press office of Santana Parque Shopping, who promised to investigate and send a positioning note, but did not get a response until the publication of this text.

Disregard with complaint

Still in conversation with the TV news, Thamires lamented the neglect of employees of the mall. The artist believes that the blame for everything is structural racism and people’s misinformation about how prejudice affects its victims.

A woman from the mall called me a few days later, I don’t know what her role was, and she called me with a lot of carelessness, saying that she had come back from a trip. And when I reported what happened, she said, ‘Wow, I thought it was something else.’ And he even said he was going to unpack her suitcases. The mall has not contacted me.

“People don’t understand structural racism, which is when you judge a person only by their appearance. You don’t have to go so far as to call a person a ‘monkey’ to characterize racism. I’ve always been fighting about it. I even started a campaign. which is against discrimination. And even trying to give voice to that, I ended up being a victim,” she concluded.

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