Ex-wife of DJ Ivis files a police report against Geraldo Luís; understand – Young Pan


Pamella Holanda accuses the Record presenter of insult and says that her mother did not receive money from the musician to collude with the aggressions

Reproduction/Instagram/geraldobalanca/pamellaholanda/07.17.2021Pamella Holanda accuses Geraldo Luís of insult after comment in the ‘Balanço Geral’

Pamella Gomes from Holland revealed this Saturday, 17, which opened a police report against the presenter Geraldo Luís, who heads the “Balanço Geral” on Record TV. She also defended herself against accusations that she related to the DJ Ivis By interest. “Thank you for the messages, for everyone’s concern for me and Mel. I’m not okay, but Mel is and that’s what makes me stronger. I really wanted and want to end this, I need and want to go on with my life. I really do. I can’t live reliving this, recounting, explaining myself”, he wrote in Instagram stories. Even wanting to put a stone in the matter, Pamella, who was a victim of domestic violence and posted videos of the attacks she suffered on social networks, decided to clarify some matters.

“My mother didn’t receive a penny from my then ex-partner for colluding with the attacks, for God’s sake, how absurd. What kind of values ​​or woman she would be if she accepted or sold that way. This was broadcast on Geraldo Luís’ program, which I’ve already tried to contact, and a police report was also made in view of the injury committed by him on national television against my mother,” he said. THE Young pan he sought out Record TV’s press office, but he still hasn’t got a return. Pamella also lashed out at people who are accused of hooking up with the DJ for fame and money. “Yesterday I removed all my things and my daughter’s things from the house we used to live in because the hostess asked for it. For lack of payment, I couldn’t be there anymore, I wouldn’t have the right. So, under no circumstances can it be said that I was with him for interest, for convenience or any justification that calls into question my values ​​and principles.”

Pamella said that she took only her belongings and those of her daughter from the house and that she put an end to the relationship because “nothing pays for a peaceful life”. “I didn’t leave with a full bill, a branded purse, or a state-of-the-art cell phone. I didn’t do a hit, when I met him, he had nothing. I really loved him, I took care of him, I was faithful, I was a woman, a mother. I need to get on with my life, more than ever to put a stop to it once and for all. Everything that is the jurisdiction of justice will be done, regardless of my will or public opinion. I really want them to understand that I’m not well, I’ve been receiving death threats, I’ve even read from other women that my daughter and I deserve to go hungry. I need peace. I deserve to have peace,” he concluded.