Exiled at Ilha Record, Mirella Gêmea Lacrão has already broken her arm in the sewer


At Ilha Record, Mirella Santos was considered the “blueprint” of the reality show and stamped her passport to exile. However, the 21-year-old from Pernambuco is successful as one of MC Loma’s Lactação Twins, collects more than 2.8 million followers on Instagram and has already experienced peculiar stories, such as breaking her arm when falling into a sewer.

“My people, I fell in the sewer with my cousin. He fell on me in front of the house, my arm broke right away,” said Mirella on the YouTube channel Relaxed MPM, presented by the influencer alongside her twin sister, Marially Santos, and his cousin, MC Loma.

Born in Jaboatão dos Guararapes (PE), the confined woman grew up in a humble family and, together with her family, always had the dream of becoming famous. In 2018, its story began to change thanks to the success of the hit Involvement, chosen the carnival music of that year by the G1 readers.

The trio became known as MC Loma and the Gêmeas Lacração. Mirella and Marially act as funk dancers and eventually also sing and write songs.

The union between the three is such that, in an interview with Jornal do Commercio in 2018, all said they are afraid of separating. “When we are angry with each other, sad about something, we wake up with something bad, an anguish,” confessed the twin at the time.

Without filters, the artists talk openly about topics like sex and betrayal on YouTube. During the period of recording the reality, Marially explained that the Record production was interested in casting the twins, but that Mirella was selected because of her physical fitness.

With the end of the recordings, Mirella returned to the channel and vented about her time on the reality: “My experience was of shame and fear, I was: ‘Oh my God’, really embarrassed, because I have my way”. After the beginning of the showing of the program, the explorer briefly distanced herself from social networks, because of the repercussion of the program.

Because she was sent into exile, the influencer lost the R$500,000 prize, but remains in contention for the amount of R$250,000, which will be defined by the public during the final of the program.

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