Experience with ‘horns’ makes Simone guess The Masked Singer singers


Chosen to join the jury of The Masked Singer, Globo’s new musical reality show, Simone Mendes has been applying a peculiar tactic in the recordings to discover who the masked singers are: her experience with “horns” that she took from all her ex-boyfriends.

“I, who sing the sertanejo, have a lot of experience with horn, betrayal. I, from back there, since I started dating, I’ve been a detective to discover so much horn, so much horn, so much horn [que levei]. Then when you arrive on a program like that, you become a ninja, understand?”, Simaria’s sister said at the program’s press conference, eliciting laughter from her colleagues.

Simone was chosen by Ivete Sangalo, presenter of the competition, as the jury’s detective. Throughout the performances of the masked people, the sertaneja makes countless notes to try to find out who is behind the costumes. And, according to the leader of the group, Simaria’s sister has been making accurate guesses.

“I watch her from the stage. When she knows who the person is [mascarada], she is quiet. She competes with herself between the characters she thinks [que estão se apresentando], and is silent, afraid of the others looking at the notebook. Of all, she is the most detective. It stays quiet connecting with her energies”, commented the presenter.

In addition to Simone, the jury includes actors Taís Araujo, Rodrigo Lombardi and Eduardo Sterbitch. It is up to the quartet to evaluate the performances of the masked singers, and the decision to eliminate one competitor per round.

“I’m calmer to judge like that. When they’re in costume I don’t even have pity, but after they take it off [as máscaras] I’m sad to have eliminated that person,” anticipated Simone.

The Masked Singer will feature 12 “very popular” celebrities in the competition. They will have to present themselves in disguise from head to toe, singing current hits or classics that never go out of style. The costumes will mix elements of Brazilian culture and pop references.

Each episode will start with a great show, in which judges, guests and also Ivete Sangalo will participate. In the next step, it will be the masked ones’ turn to let their voices out so that the jury can point out who are the best and worst of the night. Finally, participants who are in the risk zone will need to duel to ensure their stay in the attraction.

The Masked Singer will be shown on Tuesday nights and is a partnership between Globo and producer Endemol Shine Brasil. The program will run between August 10th and October 19th. Due to the Brazilian soccer team games, there will be no episodes on September 7th and October 12th.

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