Fábio Porchat discovers that he bought a destroyed house when visiting the place; watch – Young Pan


Humorist recorded a video showing his reaction and that of his wife, Nataly Mega, when visiting the property

Reproduction/Instagram/fabioporchat/15.07.2021Fábio Porchat recorded a video showing the state of the house he bought

the comedian Fabio Porchat he amused followers by showing that he bought a totally destroyed house. Upon arriving at the place, which has no roof and is missing walls, the artist recorded a video showing his and his wife’s reaction, Nataly Mega. “That’s the vision entering the house (laughs). My love, did they break [tudo]? Girl, there’s no roof, the house doesn’t have a roof”, said Fábio upon entering the place. “This isn’t a house, there’s a hole in the ground over there,” added Nataly. “Why did we do this? How does this ‘pillar’ secure this house? Everything is destroyed, even the plants are withered. I have a feeling that it was better to have demolished and built another [casa]. How crazy! My love, are you sorry?” asked the comedian. “It seems so,” his wife replied.

Even frightened by the state of the house, the host of the program “Que História é Essa, Porchat?” praised the view and location of the property. “Look at the silence that is the Botanical Garden”, he commented. Finally, he laughed when he said that the forecast of the work that was promised to him was a month. “For love! Show in a month! The ‘Brothers to the Work’ do [as reformas] in that time! It’s going to work out”, commented the actress Renata Castro Barbosa. “Wasn’t it a game to have just bought a piece of land, love?” joked the comedian Paulo Vieira. “Naty’s face (laughs)”, wrote the comedian Rafael Portugal. The actress Regina Case they also reacted to the publication with laughing emojis.