Family Bonds: After Helena, Pedro resigns and flees Rio de Janeiro


Pedro (José Mayer) will decide to flee Rio de Janeiro in the last week of Family Ties. After taking Helena out (Vera Fischer), who will refuse to form a family with him, the cowboy will resign from the stud farm and leave to live on a farm in the soap opera shown in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

The big guy goes to look for Alma (Marieta Severo) to have a conversation. The farm administrator will inform you of your decision to leave your job. “If this is what you want? But I am sorry. My God, you have been here in the stud farm for so many years and you manage it here like no one else!”

Pedro will thank you, and Estela (Júlia Almeida) will ask if he has another proposal. “Because if it’s a money problem or something like that, we can talk,” said the girl.

“No, that’s it. No way! This is my life, I wouldn’t trade this stud for any other. If only to earn five, ten times more. I want to stop. To have a land of mine, with animals that are mine “, will confess Pedro.

The cowboy will say that he intends to travel when Camila (Carolina Dieckmann) is cured or when the boss gets a manager to take his place. At that moment, Cínthia (Helena Ranaldi) will arrive, and Estela will suggest that she may be the new administrator of the place.

Later, the vet will look for Pedro, and he will ask if the brunette will accept to take his place. Cínthia will reveal that she intends to accept the job, yes. They will talk about how they are alike, independent and unwilling to give up their will for anyone.

José Mayer’s character will reveal that no woman touched him as much as she did. As a farewell, they will exchange a kiss full of desire in the novel written by Manoel Carlos.

Starting on the 29th, the audience will also check Ti Ti Ti (2010) back in the afternoon session of Globo’s soap opera reruns.

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