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Family Ties: Camila advocates noble cause to save Helena’s future


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Even sick in a hospital bed, Camila (Carolina Dieckmann) will go out in defense of her mother in Family Ties. Helena’s daughter (Vera Fischer) will think about the future of the beautician and will make a request to Miguel (Tony Ramos). She is going to beg him to forgive his mother for ending their relationship to get pregnant in hopes of saving her from death.

In the soap opera shown in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, Helena will go to Camila’s apartment to pick up a jewelery box that her daughter will have asked for. There, she will call the merchant and ask him to find her for a chat.

Willing to tell everything that is going on in her life, Helena will start the subject by saying that she is the type of mother who does everything for her children, including giving up her own happiness.

“I couldn’t accept your ring or your marriage proposal. It caused me a very deep pain. And I suffered even more when I had to break my relationship with you. I have an open wound in my heart, bleeding to this day. for having been forced to do what I did “, will start the blonde, who will be holding the man’s hand.

The beautician will take a deep breath and make her revelation. “Pedro [José Mayer] he is the father of Camila, of my relationship with him at the time of the farm. This is over 20 years old, he himself did not know. I had no idea. And if it weren’t for Camila’s illness, I wouldn’t have told anyone the truth. It was not a secret, it was not a lie, I myself believed it to be true, that Fred’s father [Luigi Baricelli] he was also Camila’s father “, explains the veteran.

“Helena, please don’t feel obliged to tell me anything, nothing. Even because I never asked you for an explanation. Of course I’m surprised, of course. I can’t say no, otherwise I would be lying to you. I am, I’m surprised “, the bookseller will confess.

Miguel will say that when he remembers so many moments that the woman spoke of her life, details of how she left the farm, of her relationship with her cousin, he sees how the facts are coherent.

Tony Ramos and Vera Fischer in Family Ties

All for the daughter

Helena will explain the reasons that led her to change the direction of her life. She will tell about the report that Camila found about the mother who got pregnant to save her daughter from leukemia and who did a lot of research to find out the possibilities for it to work.

“I had to know all these things to believe that it was possible to try what I tried, at the same time that they were looking for a compatible bone marrow. And as Camila’s father was alive, I tried. Helena.

“I’m not asking you to forgive me. I’m asking you to understand me,” continued the woman. In the middle of the conversation, Helena’s cell phone will ring and Camila will be on the other end of the line. She will ask if her mother has already found what she asked for in her apartment, but the blonde will explain that she has not yet, since she is with Miguel.

She will take the opportunity to tell you that she has already explained everything she did to the owner of the bookstore, and Camila will ask to speak to him. “Miguel, forgive my mother. She did all this for me, but she loves you”, will ask the girl, who will be able to shake the man’s heart.

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