Family Ties: Clara ‘sells’ herself to a millionaire, leaves her daughter and travels to Paris


With the failure of her marriage to Fred (Luigi Baricelli), Clara (Regiane Alves) will not miss the opportunities that will arise in Laços de Família. The young woman will leave her daughter with her father and “sell herself” to her new millionaire boss, who will take her to Paris, France.

With a new job, now in a tourism agency, the ex-saleswoman will envision the possibility of doing what she always wanted: to enjoy the good things in life in the soap opera shown in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo.

Upon realizing the boss’s interest, the girl will not reject the harassment. On the contrary, little by little she will start to give in to Martins’ advances (Wladimir Candini). During a lunch with the boss in the next chapters, Nina’s mother (Júlia Magessi) will hear about the man’s travel plans.

“This time, I want to go to France to visit the wine regions. Stopping in Paris, of course, which is essential”, says the businessman. It will show your interest in the trip. “Oh, it must be delicious. Wow, just because you keep talking to me like that … I keep traveling. Look, I’m sure I’ll dream about it tonight”, the girl will chatter.

“Why don’t you travel with me, Clara?”, Asks the crown, to her surprise. “Me? Imagine, in what way?”, Helena’s ex-daughter-in-law (Vera Fischer) will release. “Accompanying me, I’m going alone. In fact, I’m not just going, I’m staying too, because I got divorced two months ago”, reveals Martins, giving charm to his new employee.

With the information that the millionaire is single and in order to pay for the trip for her, Claradirá does not know whether to accept it. But it won’t be long before she leaves her daughter with Fred and leaves for Europe with her boss.

Family Ties will display its latest chapters next week. As of March 29, Ti Ti Ti (2010) goes on the air to share the time with the final stretch of Manoel Carlos’ plot in the afternoons of Globo.

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