Family Ties: Pedro has an erotic dream about Iris half naked and gets stirred


Pedro (José Mayer) will have a disturbing night in Family Ties. The cowboy will have an erotic dream about Iris (Deborah Secco), in which the girl will appear half naked in her room and exchange kisses with him in bed. Upon awakening, the thug will be moved and will lock the bedroom door to avoid any inconvenience.

In the soap opera shown in Vale a Pena Ver de Novo, Pedro will go to the motel with Cínthia (Helena Ranaldi). He will hear from a veterinarian that he is the type of man who chases women because he has not yet found love, or has found and lost.

Upon returning home, the farm administrator will stop by Iris’ room to confirm that she is asleep. Already in his bed, when falling asleep, he will dream that the girl entered his room wearing only a tank top and panties.

“What do you want here?” Will ask the macho man. “Don’t guess, do you?” Will ask the sneak. The man will ask Helena’s sister (Vera Fischer) to go back to the room and remember that he has already warned that he does not want her to walk around dressed like that around the house.

“You went there in my room when you arrived. You looked at me. You thought I was sleeping, did you? I saw the way you looked at me very well,” she will provoke. Pedro will deny it, but the girl will insist.

“Look, I saw it!”, Says Iris, who will approach the bed and say that this is why she is in his room. The girl will take off the tank top and will only be in her panties.

Iris will approach Peter and kiss him. The cowboy will first dodge, but will soon surrender. The two of them will roll around in bed kissing, and the manager will fall on the dog and wake up. Bewildered and stirred by his reverie, he will get up and lock the bedroom door to avoid any visit from the redhead.

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