Fani Pacheco declares his support for Íris Stefanelli at No Limite 5: ‘Strong candidate’


Friends since the confinement in BBB7, Fani Pacheco registered his fans so that Íris Stefanelli wins No Limite 5, reality that debuts this Tuesday (11). The medical student warned that the presenter is a “strong candidate” for the survival dispute.

“She will do very well, she is a strong candidate to win. She does well in the challenges because she has a very balanced and strong psychological. As much as, sometimes, the adversities of the challenges are great, she is difficult to give up. She is a warrior” , highlighted the digital influencer in an interview for Gshow.

Fani also pointed out that, because of her friend’s entry into the new reality show, she feels that she is also on the program, but without the suffering caused by the exotic and hard tests of the attraction. “I will follow everything. I want to cheer for her and do everything I can for everyone to follow and cheer for her. She is my friend, I will cheer as if I were there too”, stressed the ex-BBB.

“At BBB, we live with a lot of people. And at No Limite, coexistence will be very important. The vote is not from the public, it is between them. Somehow, she will have to take a swing in order to get that people don’t vote for her, even when it’s not good in the tests “, said the blonde.

Besides Iris, the ex-BBBs André Martinelli (BBB13), Angélica Ramos (BBB15), Arcrebiano de Araújo, Bil (BBB21), Ariadna Arantes (BBB11), Carol Peixinho (BBB19), are also competing for the R $ 500 thousand prize. Elana Valenária (BBB19), Gleici Damasceno (BBB18), Guilherme Napolitano (BBB20), Jessica Mueller (BBB18), Kaysar Dadour (BBB18), Lucas Chumbo (BBB20), Mahmoud Baydoun (BBB18), Marcelo Zulu (BBB4), Paula Amorim (BBB18) and Viegas de Carvalho (BBB18).

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