Fans released: 5 technological amenities to go to the stadiums


The advance of vaccination against Covid-19 in the country raised the debate about the public’s return to football stadiums in Brazil. After nearly two years of fansless games, due to the pandemic, the Brazilian Football Confederation released the return of the public and the governments of most states have already authorized the return of people to the arenas.

“The public’s return to the stadiums generated many discussions. Now, with a series of requirements and recommendations, Brazilian football is slowly recovering and is moving towards a new normality. And it is precisely within this context that technology comes as a facilitator for make it safer to go back to the stadiums. With her help, it is possible to keep the distance, avoid lines, and watch the games without missing any shots. Some stadiums, such as Mineirão and Allianz Parque, already have some technological advances for make life easier for fans”, points out Samuel Ferreira, CEO of Meep, a Brazilian technology company in payment solutions and means.

Sport, by the way, moves a part of the country’s economy. According to a survey by Sports Value, the main Brazilian teams alone raised more than 4.5 billion reais in 2020. Cristiano Dresch, vice president of Cuiabá, reinforces the importance of this return to the stadiums for the entire local ecosystem. “For us, it is very important to have the support of the fans. In addition to the sports incentive and box office revenue, the presence of the public sets in motion the greatest public asset in Mato Grosso, which is the Arena Pantanal. The city’s economy is also impacted, hotels, restaurants, shops, bars, malls, everything is mobilized around games like this one”, he explains.

With that in mind, Meep has separated 5 reasons to believe that now it will be better to watch the games.

1. More convenience for fans

With the help of an app or cards and bracelets cashless, fans will be able to order food and drinks without leaving their seats. This will be possible with a few clicks on the mobile or help from a mobile teller. Anyway, this technology will provide more convenience to the fans, who in turn will be able to enjoy the game without leaving their seat, saving time, money and avoiding closer contact with third parties.