Farm 13: Aline notices prejudice in colorful friendship with Dayane


Aline Mineiro believes that her colorful friendship with Dayane Mello is irritating some pedestrians in A Fazenda 2021. This Wednesday (13th), the ex-panicat stated that she feels a certain prejudice on the part of some colleagues in confinement in relation to exchanges of affection with the game ally. “I seem to see people who are bothered, you know?” she said.

In conversation with Valentina Francavilla, Aline commented on the feeling of being the target of criticism from the other participants of the rural reality show.

“Do you think there’s a prejudice between people in relation to me and Dayane?”, asked Léo Lins’ girlfriend. “If there is, it’s a real reason to leave the house soon,” replied the stage assistant. “You see bad looks? I seem to see people who are bothered, you know?”, completed Aline.

While Valentina reflected on the model’s comment, the PlayPlus camera interrupted the conversation between the two people, directing the images to another space at the program’s headquarters.

Although the subject came up on Wednesday, the relationship between Aline and Dayane had already served as an agenda in other situations. A few days ago, for example, Erasmo Viana and Victor Pecoraro showed to be quite uncomfortable with the exchange of caresses between the two friends.

During a chat with the ex-panicat, Pecoraro stated that the child’s pranks were not appropriate because she was in a relationship with a person outside the house.

“People know you have someone out there and maybe those people who have someone don’t feel good [com o seu comportamento]. It’s not just Day. Sometimes you have an open relationship with your husband and it’s all right, that’s not all. They are talks about sex, this excessive freedom, if you were single, for me, it would be all right, for everyone, it would be all right,” he opined.

In another moment of the confinement, Victor and Erasmus also commented on Aline and Dayane. “When you enter with a person from the outside, you can not hesitate in here. And another thing, even her kissing another woman in this bitching, it’s a bitch of a disrespect”, complained the ex of Gabriela Pugliesi.

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