Farm 13: Lary Bottino detonates Erika for talking about machismo: ‘There’s no property’


Lary Bottino detonated Erika Schneider in A Fazenda 13. In a conversation with Erasmo Viana, Victor Pecoraro and Dynho Alves earlier this Sunday (10), the former MTV said that the dancer made a frivolous accusation when talking about machismo in rural reality of Record. “It has no property,” he blurted out.

Anitta’s former friend shared with the boys her opinion as a television viewer about Erika’s accusations of having been a victim of machismo when she was a farmer on the program run by Adriane Galisteu. The blogger entered the competition last, when A Fazenda was already on air.

“I don’t know if she has any idea what women who suffer from sexism go through, you know? To say that. I don’t know if she has the property to say that,” fired ex-friend Lary. “Zero ownership,” agreed Erasmus, who still called Erika limited. “Grossness, arrogance… It has nothing to do with machismo,” added the digital influencer.

Quickly, the participant’s speech about machismo reverberated on social networks. “Erasmo said that Mussunzinho tried to explain to Erika what it is machismo. Lary bracelet listening to this silent shit. These are Instagram empowered ones,” wrote a netizen identified as Leni.

“Lary to say that Erika has no property to talk about machismo? And what’s happening now in the tree house is what?”, agreed another fan of the attraction, identified as Binha.

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