Farm 13: Party pays off, whining and gossip


The participants of A Fazenda 2021 enjoyed another party on the night of Friday (24) for the morning of this Saturday (25). The gathering of the workers was marked by a reckoning between Tati Quebra Barraco and Aline Mineiro, and by moments of whining and gossip staged by Rico Melquiades.

Early in the evening, Rico reunited with Solange Gomes and needled Mileide Mihaile. The former MTV called the influencer “plant” and shot: “I know her, I’ve been to an event with her, she thinks she’s Wesley Safadão himself, do you think she values ​​people? No, no, I am living proof, her nose is here [empinado], she thinks herself Wesley Naughty”.

During the conversation, the native of Alagoas also stated that he intends to nominate his rival for the hot seat if he is nominated for the farm and manages to win the farmer’s hat of the week. “My vote is hers,” he said.

Minutes after distilling his hatred for Mileide, Rico began to cry and claimed that he had already been canceled on social media before he was even confined to enter the rural reality show. “I’m canceled out there, I’m going to cancel myself even more here. I know I’m going to be, Bill. I’ve already come in here hated,” he said. “Nobody hates you here, no. Stop!”, replied MC Gui.

“before I entered [aqui], the gossip pages posted that I would come, everyone talked [mal]. The people hate me, friend,” he continued. “Of course not,” Solange opined. “The people don’t like me,” Rico reinforced. Tati walked over and wiped his fellow prisoner’s tears. “You don’t need that. If you were cancelled, you weren’t even here,” said the singer.

Drunk, Rico also took the opportunity to ask Nego do Borel if he had taken a condom to the stall with the intention of having sex with Dayane Mello. This condom…”, began the ex-MTV in the early hours of this Saturday (25). “Man, I took the condom”, replied Nego. “For you and her [poderem usar], it was, I’m watching you two,” interrupted the Alagoas.

It was not possible to follow the rest of the conversation, as the camera moved to another space in the party. In another moment of the night, Nego commented on Dayane in conversation with Tiago Piquilo, Victor Pecoraro and MC Gui. “I’m in love. She has the right mouth,” praised the funkeiro.

In another corner of the party, Aline apologized to Tati Quebra Barraco for a disagreement the two had played during an activity on the Hora do Faro program. “I didn’t walk away from you, no. When you were alone, I would arrive [em você]”, assured the funkeira. “I just want to look good, I admire you,” declared the ex-panicat.

Rico, in turn, stepped in again and put pressure on Arcrebiano de Araújo after the ex-BBB player chose to save Mileide in the left-hand game during the dynamics of swidden formation. “You put me at risk, we lived together,” complained the man from Alagoas. “Yes, and everything is fine,” replied the capixaba.

Surprised by the response of his fellow inmate, the former MTV replied: “All right, Bil? I could be far away from here.” “You could have saved me, Bil,” continued the Alagoan, insisting on the subject.

“If I were there, between me and Marina [Ferrari], you weren’t going to save me, don’t be a hypocrite,” said the ex-BBB, who further explained: “I saved Mileide because I connected with Mileide. You’re sleeping, you have to wake up for the game.”

During his conversation with the native of Alagoas, Bil also mentioned the name of Erika Schneider, stating that the former dancer of Faustão is acting aggressively after becoming the farmer of the week: “It went to her head, it’s yours [Rico] second reality show, mine is the third, hers is the first”, he pointed out, who added: “She kicked me.”

With a few minutes to go before the end of the party, Gui Araujo tried to kiss Marina Ferrari, but the two stayed, once again, just exchanging caresses. Ironically, the production of the reality show put the song Girl From Rio, by Anitta, Gui’s ex-girlfriend, as the soundtrack to the flirtation. “Can you change it?” he asked.

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