Farm 13: Rico wins Trial of Fire and can trip the field; understand


Rico Melquiades is the owner of this week’s lamp in A Fazenda 2021. After winning the Fire Test held this Sunday (26), the pawn may trip an opponent in the next formation in the field. Victor Pecoraro, Sthefane Matos, Marina Ferrari and Dayane Mello are the new members of Baia.

This week, TikTok app users decided that the owner of the red flame power can veto one of the Farmer’s Proof of roceiros — traditionally, this benefit goes to the pawn indicated for the hot seat by the dynamics of the remaining one.

The power of the yellow flame remains under wraps and will only be revealed to the public during the formation of the garden, on Tuesday (28). Melquiades will have access to the two powers, choose which one he wants to stay with and also the recipient of the remaining flame.

Meanwhile, Pecoraro, Sthefane and Marina entered the Bay because of the defeat in the competition. They called Dayane to the risk zone. In addition to sleeping time limitations, one of these confined will be pulled to the farm.

The Trial of Fire, which will be shown on Monday’s program (27), took place inside a labyrinth. The pedestrians, one at a time, needed to light the lamps scattered around the place. Whoever completed the test in the shortest time would win the dispute.

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