Farm 13: Troubled with Gui Araujo and Victor, Tati decrees ultimatum


Tati Quebra Barraco decided to give an ultimatum in his relationship with Gui Araujo and Victor Pecoraro in A Fazenda 2021. This Monday (11), the funkeira criticized the behavior of the pedestrians and warned that it no longer intends to prioritize the pair in the next activities. “Enough!”, highlighted the confined.

In a conversation with MC Gui, the person recalled the latest attitudes of Pecoraro and Araujo, who excluded her from dynamics with cash prizes. “I didn’t send a message, no. I said to their faces: ‘Is it like this now?'”, asked Tati, and the funkeiro agreed: “Hey, that’s right!”.

“Yesterday, he did it with thought, so as not to form a pair with us. Enough of prioritizing!”, warned the native of Rio de Janeiro. “It’s gone, I won’t be thinking about anyone anymore,” the singer pointed out, and his professional colleague reiterated the thought.

“I don’t even insist on being considered a double, because we were going to show that we don’t need them to win. I thought it was a bitch, but who am I?”, said the girl, referring to Sunday’s dynamics (10).

MC Gui asked the confinement partner to “keep your own”, and she accepted the orientation: “I spoke to Solange [Gomes], I will not warm my head. The people are watching!”

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