Farm 13: Who should Rico recommend to the farm? See targets and vote in the poll


Rico Melquiades has a difficult mission this Tuesday (12) night in A Fazenda 13: choose only one of his enemies to indicate directly to the fourth crop of the edition. The former MTV has already been voted on by many participants and fought with the majority. Who should he nominate? Vote in the poll of TV news at the end of this text.

The native of Alagoas has already voted for two rivals: MC Gui and Tati Quebra Barraco, but admitted that he still has other options, such as Gui Araujo, who played him directly on the farm, and Victor Pecoraro. Newer shacks, however, can change Rico’s nomination priority.

The formation of the farm will take place live on Record, from 22:45 (Brasilia time). In addition to the farmer’s nomination, the house will vote for the second pawn, which will pull the third from Baia. The fourth will be defined through the dynamics of the remaining one.

Remember below some of the shacks that Rico set up:

Tati Breaks Shack

Rico and Tati staged a shack in the break of last Thursday (7) edition, while the former MTV awaited the possible return of Erika Schneider. The funkeira decided to make fun of her crying and in response, she heard that she was going to sit on the stool in the garden. “Get dressed up,” he teased.

MC Gui

Who also joined the fight was MC Gui, who was already disaffected by Melquiades. Despite having moved to the second option, behind Tati, the singer is still the greatest rival of Alagoas, who insists on teasing him to the limit. In the last discussion, Bill told Rico to “take it up his ass”, and the ex-On Vacation replied that this is where he “really likes to take it”.

Gui Araujo

Gui Araujo is one of the farmer’s voting priorities, as he indicated him directly to the farm last week. In addition to revenge, Carlinhos Maia’s friend accused Anitta’s ex-boyfriend of being a masked and manipulator within the reality, with the right to an exchange of barbs during the recording of Hora do Faro.

Victor Pecoraro

The actor has always been one of Rico’s options for voting, as he was one of the seven pawns who sent him to the second farm. But he may have risen in priorities after he dumped yogurt on his head. Pecoraro staged a food fight with the former MTV after he threw away all the coffee in the house.

Solange Gomes

Solange Gomes and Rico live a love-hate relationship. The native of Alagoas has already been voted by the muse of the Tub do Gugu and took revenge by putting her to take care of the animals for the first time. In addition, the two have already starred in some shacks. The last fight happened because Rico called Solange a gossip, and there was even a threat of aggression.

Who should Rico indicate directly to the farm? Vote in the poll below: