Father Julio Lancellotti says Paulo Gustavo donated R $ 1.5 million to charity


After the death of Paulo Gustavo (1978-2021) was announced on Tuesday (4), Father Julio Lancellotti revealed that the comedian had contributed R $ 1.5 million to the construction of a cancer treatment center. In 2017, after the works started, the comedian donated another amount to help the cause.

“A lot of people don’t know, but the actor Paulo Gustavo was a great benefactor of the Social Works Irmã Dulce (Osid). Paulo Gustavo donated R $ 600 thousand to build an oncology unit at Osid. In 2017, when the construction work started , he visited the space. The support did not stop there. According to the superintendent of Osid and niece of Santa Dulce, Maria Rita, Paulo Gustavo donated a total of 1.5 million to the institution “, says the publication shared by the religious.

The artist died on Tuesday (4), at the age of 42 as a result of complications from Covid-19. He had been hospitalized since March 13 in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro. On the 21st, Thales Bretas’ husband was intubated and has since faced a struggle to survive.

On Monday, before the death was announced, a medical bulletin was released with updates on the actor’s state of health. The note said the comedian’s picture was irreversible, but that he still had vital signs.

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