Father’s Day: Lázaro Ramos, Oscar Metsavaht and the affections of fatherhood


How is fatherhood able to transform a man’s life? question the Johnnie Walker in his new campaign for the Father’s Day. To answer the question, Lazaro Ramos, father of two, and Oskar Metsavaht, father of three, reflect on the arrival of their children in their lives and personal changes.

Seen by many generations under a gaze of insensitivity and rationality, fatherhood has been breaking these paradigms and showing the importance of allowing yourself to feel and immerse yourself in your emotions.

For Lázaro, one of the main changes in paternity is the demonstration of affection. “Today we can talk about affection, being a father, you can hug your child, you can be emotional, you can cry in front of your child and that doesn’t mean you are setting an example of weakness, as in my time it seemed to be… My generation can speak of paternity as a place of pleasure and learning”, says the actor.

Affective issues are also important points in Metsavaht’s fatherhood. “With each of my children I had a great empathy to perceive their emotion, to have the sensitivity to talk, explain and understand the emotional, physical and mental issue, which I think is very important”, declares the founder of Osklen.