Faustão appears thin in Domingão and shocks the web; know why he lost 24 pounds


Fausto Silva surprised the public by appearing much thinner in today’s Sunday (7). The presenter, who will leave Globo at the end of this year, lost 24 kilos after treating a lymphatic edema he had on one of his legs and treated during the holidays.

The difference in Faustão’s appearance was easily noticed, since the programs that were airing until last week had been recorded before the presenter’s treatment, which had to go through “stripping sessions” during the rest period.

In an interview with TV News in January, the communicator said he dropped his weight from 114 pounds to 90 pounds. “I am underweight than when I had bariatric surgery,” he said. “Now I’m doing really well, doing zero, doing gymnastics,” he celebrated.

Lymphatic edema, or lymphedema, is when the lymphatic system accumulates fluids due to insufficiency in the body, causing swelling and even ulcers in the affected region. There is no specific treatment, but it is necessary to drain the liquid that is retained in the body.

In the first week of the year, Fausto underwent treatment at Albert Einstein hospital, in São Paulo, and raised suspicions that he would be admitted to the ICU with Covid-19. In fact, the communicator was only treating fluid retention due to the illness that made him lose weight.

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