Felipe Neto wins lawsuit against businessman Luciano Hang – Prime Time Zone


Action was based on a publication by the youtuber that criticized Hang’s decision, by Hang, to sell essential food to remain open during the pandemic

reproductionHavan said it will appeal against Felipe Neto’s victory

The entrepreneur Luciano Hang, owner of the chain of stores Mortar, lost a lawsuit filed by him against Youtuber and businessman Felipe Neto because of a publication made in the pandemic. In the publication in question, the content producer criticized the company’s decision to start selling essential products and foods to be able to function during the most restrictive phase of the pandemic, in which only essential services could open the doors. The Justice’s decision was confirmed by Prime Time Zone with the São Paulo Court of Justice (TJSP). On social media, Felipe Neto celebrated the decision: “Another victory, guys”. In addition to losing the dispute, Hang is expected to bear the fees of the defense lawyers of the youtuber.

Sought by Prime Time Zone, Havan commented on the court decision, saying that “it was always authorized to sell food products, which lasted during the pandemic of Covid-19“, Classifying Felipe Neto’s speeches as“ imprecise ”and saying that they were intended to mislead readers. In a note sent to the press, the company also said that, alongside Hang, it will appeal against the decision of the TJ-SP and stated that it believes that the Justice “will recognize the illegality of the publication with untrue information”.