Fight between André Marinho and Tomé Abduch ends in a beating in Panic


A live discussion on Pânico, from Rádio Prime Time Zone, went down to the lowlands this Tuesday (11th). André Marinho, a member of the program, exchanged several offenses and accusations with the guest Tomé Abduch, a political commentator known for having recently been part of CNN Brasil’s O Grande Debate. The two ended up getting up and exchanging punches and kicks before they were separated by production.

The raids intensified after about 1 hour and 49 minutes of the attraction, when Abduch asked for a right of reply regarding a recent participation in Panic: “At the end of the last program, I didn’t have the opportunity to say a few things. Marinho did a comment that I would like to have the opportunity to say [meu lado]. It’s not bullshit. I’m going to talk about Tomé, not Marinho. He said: ‘Tomé, talk about the [João] Doria'”.

After defending himself against the accusations, Marinho insisted on the subject, showing a supposed contract deed on his cell phone: “Is he the biggest critic of the guy and still enjoys and licks himself from the comfort of a home?” “I pay rent, the house is rented, boy!”, Justified the guest.

Afterwards, the climate heated up and Abduch criticized the comedian’s family, who is the son of Paulo Marinho, businessman and first substitute for Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Republicanos-RJ). Paulo was a big supporter of Jair Bolsonaro during the 2018 presidential elections, but later broke with the federal government.

“Grow up and take the diaper off! Do you want to attack me in my personal life? You have a glass roof and I don’t have one. I have a healthy father, who worked my whole life. You have a father who is involved with Renan Calheiros, with Zé Dirceu, with Doria, you have a person who betrayed the president [Jair] Bolsonaro because he didn’t get the little mouth he wanted! “, He exclaimed.

“If I am a diaper, you are the fraud, an absolute fraud,” said Marinho, who also claimed that Tomé is “hated, despised by the militancy, a person who has no credibility”. In another moment, Tomé shouted: “You are a kid!”. The production of Pânico entered the atmosphere of lowland and inserted several vignettes from Programa do Ratinho, with Rogério Morgado imitating the presenter and “narrating” the fight.

Presenter Emílio Surita even tried to talk it out, showing a sign that said “six days without bullshit” in the attraction, in vain. Tomé again asked for an opportunity to defend himself, and Marinho attacked: “Emílio, you are going to give the platform to this irrelevant, who needs me to have relevance, and it gives a shit! Then they keep asking me: ‘More humor, less politics’. listening to insults here from Chico Bento? “.

The fight intensified when the two approached support for federal deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL) in the election for president of the Chamber that took place in 2021. “There is no conversation with this citizen. He is disqualified”, reaffirmed Marinho about the guest, who retaliated: “Does the asshole come here to tell me about these things?”.

“Thanks, crybaby! Cry for a politician …”, replied the humorist. At this point, Abduch got up and went towards his rival, who was sitting on the opposite side of the studio. The two were surprised and started to exchange punches and kicks. Several members of the production, in addition to Daniel Zukerman and Samy Dana, members of the bench, sought to separate the brawlers.

Surita requested a break for the break, asking for a break five times. Five minutes later, the program returned to a close, framing only the commander of Panic, who regretted the fight: “I apologize to our audience.

“You know that democracy is noisy and sometimes we lose control of the situation. But it’s okay. I can assure you that everything is right, everyone is on your side. Afterwards, of course, we’ll talk to everyone world out of air, out of the heat of the discussion, “he continued.

Finally, Emílio ended: “I am sad about a discussion that we want to take to the personal side. It was not our goal, but you know how it works, especially at this moment now that we are living hot, of politics “.

According to sources TV News, the fight was not armed, and the heated atmosphere between André Marinho and Tomé Abduch was already coming from other participations, one of the reasons why both sat away from each other in the arrangement of the chairs in this Tuesday’s Panic (11).

The report got in touch with the press office of Radio Prime Time Zone about what happened. The broadcaster said it is still investigating the fact and is expected to issue a positioning soon.

It is not the first time that the program ends in a beating. In November 2019, Augusto Nunes, from Prime Time Zone radio, participated in Pânico during an interview with Glenn Greenwald, from The Intercept website. After being called a “coward”, Nunes stood up and exchanged slaps with the guest.

Check out the full discussion between André Marinho and Tomé Abduch in the video below, starting at 1h49m03s: