First gay kiss among men in the history of BBB turns into a show of biphobia


The first tongue kiss between men in the history of Big Brother Brazil – in 21 years of the reality show’s existence – became a show of biphobia after Lumena Aleluia, Karol Conká, Pocah and Nego Di accused Lucas Penteado of using Gilberto Nogueira as part strategy to gain prominence within BBB21. The quartet invalidated the actor’s bisexuality.

During the Holi Festival party, the former Malhação and the economist carried out a hot kiss in the middle of the track, shocking everyone present with the exchange of affection. Unlike the joy that Fiuk and Thaís Braz caused when they stayed quickly, the reaction of several participants was to question Lucas’ “real” intentions.

“I hope it doesn’t end here,” declared Penteado after the kiss on Nogueira, who was euphoric. Arcrebiano Araújo and Pocah were left without reaction, and the model still received a praise from the actor. “You thought it was a joke, you’re a hot one!”, Joked the interpreter of Fio in the soap opera Malhação – Viva a Diferença (2017).

Lucas came out bisexual andm conversation with Juliette Freire, and Lumena made fun of him, despite being an outspoken lesbian. Disgusted with the scene, the psychologist went to talk to João Luiz Pedrosa in the kitchen, looking for validation.

“He’s using it. He’s talkative and talkative is sick! He’s a speaker. João, am I wrong?”, Asked the DJ. Without knowing what it was about, the teacher asked what she was talking about. “Lucas using Gil,” she added.

“I don’t think it’s up to us to judge his sexuality,” said João. “I’m not judging his sexuality, but his game and game strategy”, justified Lumena. “But if he uses that for game strategy there, it might be a problem,” agreed the professor. Then, the Bahian assessed that Lucas would be using the LGBTQ + movement on stage.

Judgment and withdrawal

Shortly afterwards, the artist threatened to leave BBB21 and began to be attacked by fellow confinement. Karol and Pocah kept shouting that they were also bisexual. “There are several ways to come out”, wanted to teach the funkeira.

“You are not special, there are a lot of LGBT people here. You fell into your own trap, you did not catch the vision. There is no point in managing the agenda here, there are other people like you, you are managing the agenda, serious guidelines”, shouted Lumena .

“You are organizing a collective agenda in favor of a BO that is yours, individual, an individual run, you are organizing a historic, collective struggle, in favor of an egoic demand, of your egoic demand. I mean it!” militant, accusing him of appropriating the LGBTQ + cause.

“You will think that I am playing with something that is me, because I do not know how to be someone else. And I will not live with other people who do not accept who I am”, replied Penteado.

After the youngster gave up, Nego Di told Gilberto that his brother was being used by his rival, in addition to giving his opinion on the matter. “Lucas never said anything about being bisexual to anyone, I thought it was low for him to do that,” decreed the comedian, as if a bisexual should be born out of the blue.

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation in which the individual defines himself as attracted to both genders, both men and women, either physically, emotionally or both at the same time.

What could be a reason for the LGBTQ + public to see the homosexual couple formed within a Big Brother Brazil turned into a horror show with Lumena’s selective militancy in invalidating and questioning Lucas’s bisexuality, being that sexual orientation is a completely personal aspect, in which no judgment of others can fit.

Lumena, being a lesbian and black, should know that it is not her place to speak pointing fingers at the sexuality of others, even more of a black man who is coming out for the first time. Nego Di, a heterosexual black man too. As well as the self-declared bisexual and black Pocah and Karol Conká.

See the moment of the kiss between Lucas and Gilberto and the repercussion inside BBB21:

lucas told gilberto that he saw him as an incredible person and that if he didn’t believe it, look for him out here

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