First test, rivalry and rejection: See what happened on Ilha Record’s debut


Ilha Record debuted this Monday night (26) and has already intensified the rivalry between some participants. Dinei got annoyed after being rejected by Claudinho Mattos during the division of the teams, as well as Nadja Pessoa, who didn’t like at all being cornered by Thomaz Costa. In addition, the teams Esmeralda and Rubi competed in the first test of the reality show.

Right at the beginning of the edition, the 13 confined found themselves inside a boat heading to the program’s headquarters. However, they were surprised by the guardian — the figure responsible for bringing messages to the island’s residents –. Thomaz took the bottle with a note and read the message to the other opponents.

“Get ready to swim to the beach. The first two to reach dry land and pick up the flags will have an advantage in the game,” revealed the actor.

After that, the competitors threw themselves into the sea and swam to the shore on the beach. Claudinho and Thomaz arrived before the others at the finish line and became the team leaders. The former MTV was given the task of commanding the Rubi team, while Costa became the “head” of the Esmeralda team.

Rivalry and rejection

In the first contact with the confined, Sabrina Sato announced that the winners of the flags would have to choose the members of their teams. Claudinho chose Lucas Selfie right away and then rejected the partnership with Dinei.

“My strategy will be based on today’s race. He’s a person who has a little more difficulty than us, it’s Dinei,” explained the businessman.

“Your life will turn to hell,” complained the former player after the choice. “I analyzed Dinei as the weakest because he is an older person, at the moment, I would not like to have him on my team”, reinforced Claudinho in his statement.

Nadja also got angry after being rejected by Thomaz. “I was rejected, Sabrina, devastated,” complained the blonde.

Despite the friction, the teams were defined. Claudinho formed his team with the following names: Lucas, Any Borges, Laura Keller, Mirella Santos and Nadja. Thomaz will be the leader of the other competitors: Antonela Avellaneda, Dinei, Nanah Damasceno, Valesca Popozuda, NegΓ£o da BL and Pyong Lee.

first test

During this Monday’s edition, Ilha Record competitors also participated in the first race of the season. Participants had to go through circuits that required skills such as aiming, reasoning and swimming.

The Esmeralda team got the better of it thanks to Pyong’s final move, who managed to beat Nadja in assembling a puzzle. With that, the winners received R$ 5 thousand in purchases at a partner store of the reality. In the next episode, Thomaz will have to share the pieces of the island map with the rest of the team.

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