Fitness: Next Chapter Summary, Thursday, October 14th


Check out the summary of the next chapter of the rerun of Malhação Sonhos, which airs this Thursday (14), on Globo:

Duca and Karina lament Nat’s escape. João tells Pedro that he’s going to ask Bianca for a date. Lobão shows the pen drive from Alan to Heideguer. Gael believes that Nat has deceived Duca. Heideguer and Lobão discover that it was Karina who gave the pen drive to Nat. Gael worries about Karina. Wallace tells Gael that Karina went to live with Lobão.

Lobão searches Karina’s backpack and cell phone. Cobra asks Edgard to help him prepare for Lucrezia’s tea. Lobão tries to find out some information about Nat with Karina. Edgard takes Cobra to Perfection and he is embarrassed. Gael invades Lobão’s house to get Karina out of there.

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