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Flor do Caribe: Cassiano keeps promise and leaves Candinho millionaire at the end


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Cassiano (Henri Castelli) will show that he is a man of his word in Flor do Caribe. The young man will fulfill a promise he made to the family of Candinho (José Loreto) after the help he received from the owner of Ariana to find the mine full of tourmaline paraiba and will leave the moony millionaire in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

In the last chapter of Walther Negrão’s booklet, Cassiano will go to Candinho’s house to talk to the whole family. “Dona Veridiana [Laura Cardoso], remember that a while ago I was here talking to you about a paraiba tourmaline mine? “, he will ask.

“A blue pebble, like that, that is shining like a star?”, Asks the countryman. Samuca’s father (Vitor Figueiredo) will agree and remember that it is a precious stone that has a lot of value. “And do you remember that I made a deal that day? A deal with you, do you remember that?”, He will continue.

Veridiana will reply that she does not remember, but Cassiano will remember her. “How was it thanks to Candinho that me and the Duke [Jean Pierre Noher] we discovered that in this mine there is a deposit of these stones … “, the pilot will begin, who will be interrupted by the lady’s grandson.

“The first blue pebble of this one that I found was me plus Ariana, when she decided to hide inside the mine”, says Candinho. “Now I’m remembered, I’m remembered. But Mr. Cassiano, Candinho found this little stone by chance, right? Who’s working there, sweating to dig that mine, is it you, right? It’s not right for Candinho to receive anything, no,” country.

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José Loreto and Laura Cardoso in Flor do Caribe

Word of honor

“It is right and it is fair! Because if it weren’t for Candinho, Dona Veridiana, none of this would be happening here,” explained Cassiano, as he took several paraiba tourmaline stones from a bag.

The moose family will be impressed by the beauty of the gems. “These pebbles here are the first part of the payment that is due to Candinho”, the mine owner will make clear.

The young man will pick up the stone and be delighted. “It’s because of me and Ariana that Cassiano is harvesting these pebble blue beautiful here, is it? Your pebble, Cassiano, is beautiful, “Candinho will cheer up.

“No, no. The stone is yours, Candinho. I mean, of all of you here”, Ester’s fiancé (Grazi Massafera) will inform.

Lino (José Henrique Ligabue) will ask if the stones are worth a lot of money, and Cassiano will reveal that they are more valuable than diamond. “And if this mine produces as much stone as we are expecting, you will earn much more”, he will warn.

Cassiano will offer to help them sell the stones, but Dona Veridiana will say that she will save them to take care of Candinho’s future. “No, not mine, butter. I want these stones to belong to you, to Mainha, to Lino, Dadá [Renata Roberta] and Ariana. Yes, it was she who found the first pebble, it was my little thing “, the boy will decide.

Caribbean Flower will be replaced by reprise of A Vida da Gente (2011) from March 1st. With the “special edition” of Lícia Manzo’s booklet, Globo postponed the debut of the unprecedented In the Emperor’s Times for the second half of this year. In addition to the spoilers, the TV News publish daily the summary of the six o’clock soap opera that the broadcaster is reprising due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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